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Summer 2012 Update

Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 14:27
by Paul
Finally, I've found enough time and motivation to update my site. The biggest addition is that of Traditional Art, I uploaded a lot of better pictures I've done over the past couple years. Naturally, a lovely lot were impossible to scan since they're B1 (50x70 cm) or larger, others were given/sold and some were just plain bad. This all was done with intention of turning this site of mine into an online Portfolio of my works.

I'll also be uploading some more stuff I'm currently making somewhere around end of August, so stay tuned (like always) ;)

That said, there are a couple of new music tunes, some new Stomper screenshots and more recent photoes of myself in the Info section, and two links I've found.

Oh yeah, I've changed the colors of the side-menu, since I got sick of orange, and aquamarine is so much more pleasing for me ^^.

Re: Summer 2012 Update

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 13:10
by Rex Claussen
Nice site.

The Haze screenshots have a surreal visual quality that I really like. What game was Haze a mod for?

Also, it might be good for you to include your site's URL on your profile, so that forum browsers can jump straight to it. I had to back-track to the Hosted Sites page to find a link to launch me to your site.

Re: Summer 2012 Update

Posted: Wed Aug 01, 2012 20:17
by Paul
Thanks Rex

Haze was being developed for Zdoom's software renderer. Take my word for granted that it does actually look like that in-game.

Will include the link to my site.