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Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:44
by Tiger
Okay, the most challenging and yet a necessity aspect of the game, TGRBots!
The bots must co-operate in all necessity game modes and yet in every Doom engine port that is adjacent to the most revision of the ZDoom engine. Easy -- no. However, in a benefit, with the bots having support over other ports, this will allow the bots to be usable through out other necessity projects allowing the bots to be severally updated if necessary. With the bots being maintained, this will also give a further flexibility.

Key Notes:
  • The code must only need very little of map code; period, should never be used. The worst case is MAPSPOT triggers.
  • Can be escalated to support other GameModes that is not supported in the TGRDM3 engine.
  • Will work without the use of any management tools; thus will be solely independent.
  • Will function as like the non-AI bots that ZDoom currently has (also ST bots, again, not an AI)
  • Must work with the new score board
  • Must contain a CVar inwhich will trigger a split of wither the bots can be utilized or if the HardCoded bots are present.
  • Works in conjunction to the CVar SKILL x
Hard Crap
  • Must pick new ammo.
  • Must and yet fluently work in CTF/KotH. (Hard)
  • Ammo management and priority
  • Jumping
  • Crouch (Maybe not necessary, but why not?!)
  • Works in A/DM; thus, they will need to also battle with monsters.
Version to be reached: V1


Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 10:19
by Tiger
This will be soon an ongoing development, - I will update the topic post on any changes, plans, or ideas.


Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 10:55
by Tiger
I changed my mind on this; I'll just move this to the closed feature requests sub-forum. This would be better supported by the main engine instead, coding from the project itself can cause compatibility issues by either ZDoom based branches and the age of the project. If ZDoom has better bot functionality (in the future, if it ever happens?), why enforce one that was coded from the project instead of using the default bots that can do much more and not so limited? - Absolutely crazy.