ECWolf 1.3.3

Advanced Wolfenstein 3D source port based upon Wolf4SDL and ZDoom.
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ECWolf 1.3.3

Postby Blzut3 » Sat Oct 01, 2016 19:49

Long overdue, a new patch release is out today.

Visitor Alex

Re: ECWolf 1.3.3, XBOX 360 Controller Deadzone in menus

Postby Visitor Alex » Wed Nov 09, 2016 20:28

Thanks for the update!

This is a minor thing, but the deadzone for setting up joystick controls is very sensitive compared to that
of the last version. This is the case even with the sensitivity slider all the way right.
As soon as I select a key to change, a random axis takes its place (acting as though the deadzone is set way too sensitively).
However, in game controls and menu navigation behave normally.

Thanks again for hard your work on such an excellent piece of software.

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