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Be afraid. Paranoid, even.

Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2015 3:36
by Rex Claussen
With the onset of 2015 I find myself energized and full of ideas. Despite a heavier-than-normal work load at my job, I have made great strides in moving one of my DooM projects forward. Paranoiac is now approaching completion. The game now has 9 maps + a TITLEMAP. The mapping on all but two maps is 100% complete, with 95% of one of the remaining maps complete, and 60% on the last map complete. Of course, gameplay needs to be added, tested, and tweaked. Jeff Ligda has done quite a bit of music, but he may be planning some more. Also, I will be asking for coding help for one more weapon, and if I get it there will be 2 new weapons in this game (it already has the crossbow). There are several new enemies. Some new screenshots, below (but none of the crossbow or new enemies):