Dsdoom3, Doom 3 TC 30/32 completed maps!

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Re: Dsdoom3, Doom 3 TC 30/32 completed maps!

by Sniper 109 » Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:04

Hey all, just wanted to let you all in on the update. over the year, I managed to start and finish all of map25 and started a good chunk of map26. Map22 is the next down on the list. In essence, only one map remains to be completed!
Once all the maps are done I will take about a month or so to fine tune the maps, add secrets, shortcuts and all the cherries I can possibly shove in this cake.

Here are some shots of map25

Re: DsDoom3

by Sniper 109 » Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:09

6 new maps
1 new monster
1 new weapon (flashlight replaces fists)
projectiles are now shootable.

Re: DsDoom3

by Sniper 109 » Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:27

Sorry for the long reply, anyway I've finished three maps! Map11 was completed on May 3rd 2010, map12 was completed May 11th 2010 and Map13 was completed July 28th 2010!





Re: DsDoom3

by Sniper 109 » Mon May 03, 2010 15:53

Here's Map10! Oh yeah, in case you're wondering, the Orange sky represents the time of day change on the planet.

Re: DsDoom3

by Sniper 109 » Sat May 01, 2010 23:16

Here's Map09! This takes place on the Phobos Colony test site!

Re: DsDoom3

by perfectpitchrob » Sun Apr 25, 2010 22:39

I like the look of the pics so far. I especially like your ideas for the science lab maps. Keep up the good work!

Re: DsDoom3

by Sniper 109 » Sat Apr 24, 2010 14:39

Rex Claussen wrote:Very nice-looking areas, which are definitely enhanced by the new textures.

32 maps, however, seems like a very ambitious project for one person. Good luck, anyway.
To be honest everything is moving fast! I've managed to pump out atleast one map per week. Plus I know for a fact that I won't give up on this project, It's been a dream of mine since 2006! The project doesn't seem as big as it is when I devide it into three chapters.

Re: DsDoom3

by Firebrand » Tue Apr 20, 2010 0:25

Looks nice, looking forward for this one ;).

Re: DsDoom3

by Rex Claussen » Mon Apr 19, 2010 14:46

Very nice-looking areas, which are definitely enhanced by the new textures.

32 maps, however, seems like a very ambitious project for one person. Good luck, anyway.

Dsdoom3, Doom 3 TC 30/32 completed maps!

by Sniper 109 » Sun Apr 18, 2010 21:41


This was started nearly two years ago, and now I'm finally resuming it!
So what's it all about? It's a total conversion for doom2 that utilizes all of prboom's wonderful features. I've completed all the assets (sprites, sounds and dehacked), I've selected a texture set and now I'm ready to start mapping, I've finished map01, and 02. Now before anyone jumps to any conclusions, this is not a remake of doom3 by any stretch of the imagination. I've came up with my own plot and I'm following it strictly. Where does this take place? I'm not sure yet, either Phobos or mars. What kind of maps can you expect from this wad? Plenty of unique, fun and addictive maps, though the first 11 maps will all follow the same basic theme, map12 is where the wad really takes a turn, by map12 you'll be in the underground environmental labs, these labs simulate various outdoor environments (so you'll be playing in swamps, snow levels, underwater levels and all that stuff). Weapons wise you'll have the good ol' doom3 weapon set, but each weapon serves a different purpose. The chaingun is tailored for close combat it fires 4rounds per 2 shots giving it a devastating punch (if you're close enough)and is perfect for waves of tough monsters , the machine gun however, is a highly accurate weapon designed for long distance enemies or taking out one enemy at a time. The rest of the weapons are similar to the original doom weapons ( I think you'll know how to use them ;) )
Spoiler: Screenshots
Spoiler: Official Trailer
I'd like to keep the maps a surprise so for now enjoy the weapons & monsters demo.
You can download it here!


Map01 - Map11 Completed 05/03/10

Map01 - Armory - 100%
Map02 - Nuclear Plant - 100%
Map03 - Nuclear refinery - 100%
Map04 - Maintenance depot - 100%
Map05 - Nukage Regulation - 100%
Map06 - Vegitation testing - 100%
Map07 - Eco Containment - 100%
Map08 - Recycling Depot - 100%
Map09 - Industrial Zone - 100%
Map10 - Nukage control - 100%
Map11 - Lock Down Anomaly - 100%

Map12 - Map20 Completed 07/04/11

Map12 - ENV-SEC 1 - Sub-Zero Containment - 100%
Map13 - ENV-SEC 2 - Marshlands 100%
Map14 - ENV-SEC 3 - Volcanic Control - 100%
Map15 - ENV-SEC 4 - Cliff Sides - 100%
Map16 - ENV-SEC 5 - Water Works - 100%
Map17 - ENV-SEC 6 - Rock Ridge Canyon - 100%
Map18 - ENV-SEC 7 - Marsh Lands - 100%
Map19 - ENV-SEC 8 - The Tropics - 100%
Map20 - Re-Surface/Gateway - 100%

Map21 - Map32 Should be complete by July or August

Map21 - Gates of hell - 100%
Map22 - Unholy Cathedral - 80%
Map23 - Inferno - 100%
Map24 - Peril - 100%
Map25 - Catacombs - 100%

Map26 - Beyond Despair - 50%
Map27 - (I can't reveal the name) - 100%
Map28 - Forced Entry - 100%
Map29 - Earthbound - 100%
Map30 - The Truth - 100%

Map31 - It's a secret - 100%
Map32 - It's a secret - 100%