Multiplayer in GZDoom (cooperative)

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Re: Multiplayer in GZDoom (cooperative)

by NeuralStunner » Fri Oct 01, 2010 21:36

I expect your desyncs are more related to the information that (G)ZDoom's net code does not even send.

Re: Multiplayer in GZDoom (cooperative)

by Player701 » Fri Oct 01, 2010 12:21

It doesn't happen only with peer to peer netmode. Setting the netmode to packet server won't affect the sync problems.

When I was playing Stronghold with my friend, we also had desyncs on mission 3 and 4 of tier 1.

Yes, I am the person you're talking about. And saving and reloading the game works... but the error message is still there until a player dies and it then becomes hard to determine if the game will go out of sync again later. Plus, it is really annoying to do that at each mission (we managed to complete mission 2 this way and got 2 more out of sync errors).

Possibly this happens in every mission after the very first one (not counting the training).

Yep, I also want this to be fixed. Some Stronghold scripts don't work in Skulltag correctly (like new defense types' introductions), so I want GZDoom. If only we could find the exact point where the error occurs, the devlopers could then take a closer look at this bug.

Re: Multiplayer in GZDoom (cooperative)

by Barry » Tue Sep 28, 2010 10:05

In the game, there isn't a certain location where the desync takes place, but at a certain time. If I remember correctely, it happens at the sixth wave. Just as we are almost finished with the wave, the game goes out of sync.
There has also been another person talking about this problem, but he says that it happens at almost each mission they go to, about halfway through the mission. He says that he found a strange way to somehow fix it, and that is by saving your game the moment it has
gone out of sync, then load that saved game, die, then everything turns to normal again, but you shouldn't do that, because you only
have a certain amount of lives.
Now, we will try making a recording as soon as someone can help us figure out how to do it. Thank you for your help, Eruanna!

Re: Multiplayer in GZDoom (cooperative)

by Rachael » Mon Sep 27, 2010 22:04

Unfortunately, with an engine as complex as GZDoom and with the advent of source ports such as Skulltag, ZDoom's multiplayer infrastructure is sadly neglected - and the likelihood of it being fixed is very heavily influenced by the fact that peer to peer requires surgical precision in order to operate properly.

That being said, it makes issues such as this extremely difficult to track down. But you can make it a lot easier on the devs if you can pinpoint exact locations where this happens - and possibly even record a demo of it happening. A demo would likely reveal desync problems pretty well since it is mostly netcode, the problem will be reproduced with it and you will see the desync occur in multiple different ways during playback - if the desync is indeed an issue with the RNG. If not, and it's a problem with clients broadcasting the code they need in order to update themselves, then likely the demo itself will desync entirely and the devs might be able to track it down that way.

Re: Multiplayer in GZDoom (cooperative)

by Barry » Sun Sep 26, 2010 19:50

When we were playing mission 2 in tier 1 in mutiplayer, the game goes out of sync half way through the mission. Is there any way to fix this, because we won't be able to go any futher in the game when it goes out of sync.

Re: Multiplayer in GZDoom (cooperative)

by Barry » Tue Aug 24, 2010 22:08

Thank you very much Wildweasel! It worked perfectly when I tried it!

Re: Multiplayer in GZDoom (cooperative)

by wildweasel » Tue Aug 24, 2010 19:35

Stronghold does not start on Map01 - I've found best results come from setting the server to start on Map99 (the intermission map). The tutorial will get skipped, however.

Multiplayer in GZDoom (cooperative)

by Barry » Tue Aug 24, 2010 18:54

When I try to host a multiplayer game and then join that game, it will play in the normal Doom 2, but with all the Stronghold weapons
and items. Is there a way to play multiplayer (cooperative) in GZDoom so that it will work correctly?