Astrostein (Mac Version) Quick Fix for ECWolf (dev version)

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Re: Astrostein (Mac Version) Quick Fix for ECWolf (dev version)

by AstroCreep » Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:09

NEW UPDATE: Now includes a MAPINFO, music is now defined, and the game no longer crashes at the end! The only bug that remains are the randomly shaded walls, but I'm confident that will be fixed as MacWolf support is enhanced.

Re: Astrostein (Mac Version) Quick Fix for ECWolf (dev versi

by AstroCreep » Wed Jul 01, 2015 1:09

Nope. In the mac versions, the gunfire was light blue, rather than green. You are probably thinking of the WolfenDoom version. However, since I used a modified S3DNA palette for the pc fix, there may be some discrepancies I haven't caught yet. Feel free to let me know if you find one.

Re: Astrostein (Mac Version) Quick Fix for ECWolf (dev versi

by Gez » Tue Jun 30, 2015 14:33

I'm not at all familiar with Astrostein, having never played any version of it before, so maybe it's an artifact of the original, not a bug... But the muzzle flash on that screenshot looks to be in the wrong palette.

Re: Astrostein (Mac Version) Quick Fix for ECWolf (dev versi

by AstroCreep » Tue Jun 30, 2015 2:11

UPDATE see first post

Re: Astrostein (Mac Version) Quick Fix for ECWolf (dev versi

by Nokiaman » Sun Jun 28, 2015 12:32

Wow this looks pretty cool.

Re: Astrostein (Mac Version) Quick Fix for ECWolf (dev versi

by AstroCreep » Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:50

Yeah what you said lol.

Re: Astrostein (Mac Version) Quick Fix for ECWolf (dev versi

by Blzut3 » Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:44

AstroCreep wrote:Requires ECWolf 1.3.2 (Dev Versions only!!!)
You mean 1.3.99999 then. Release version with Mac Wolf support will be called 1.4.0.

Astrostein (Mac Version) Quick Fix for ECWolf (dev version)

by AstroCreep » Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:03

This is a quick fix for Astrostein (Mac Version) for ECWolf. Just a quick little project to give me a short break from Noahpak.

This quick fix includes some placeholder graphics, as well as the shim to get the mac version working properly.
It also includes the sounds, which originally had to be pasted into a copy of the MacWolf binary, which will not work with ECWolf without replacing wolf3d.bin. This essentially just makes the mod playable and fixes a few out of place gfx (not all).


Menu graphics adapted from WolfenDOOM Version of Astrostein, Wolf 3D, and the ECWolf Tech Demo by Executor.
Includes fonts from Tech Demo by Executor
Includes updated MacWolf title track (ogg format. rest aren't included since original has custom music which I haven't figured out how to access yet)

This is only a temporary build, as this is designed for the crippled version currently
being run by the dev versions of ECWolf. As such, this WILL NOT WORK with the official releases yet, only the dev versions
which support MacWolf. Dev versions can be found at
Once MacWolf is offically supported, I will be updating this to work with that version./

This also includes the original Astrostein mod needed to run this fix, already MacBinary'd up.


Extract ZIP file
Drag and drop "Astrostein.bin" and "astrostein_fix.pk3" onto the ecwolf executable


run "ecwolf --file Astrostein.bin astrostein_fix.pk3"


This may be a side effect of my old ass computer but I have noticed
a slight lag while playing Astrostein. I haven't experienced it with any
other mod except the mac version of the Astrostein mods, so I
assume that it is the large amount of custom assets in the original file.

The sounds for the missile launcher and flamer replacements don't work, but this seems to be because of ECWolf's incomplete status on MacWolf, since it doesn't work in Vanilla either.
I decided not to do decorate (yet) for this fix, so there is no way to fix it until I decide to

Not all sounds may be 100% exact, as I had to guess, since SheepShaver wants to be a little bitch about copying resources in ResEdit


Wolfenstein 3D by iD Software
Mac version by iD Software and MacPlay
"Astrostein" originally by Laz Rojas
Fix by AstroCreep
Extra resources from Wolfenstein 3D (PC) and WolfenDooM version of Astrostein

Requires ECWolf 1.3.99999 (Dev Versions only!!!) and Wolfenstein 3D: Third Encounter

I am aware that MacWolf is notoriously hard to find, but please do NOT ask me for any copies or where to download it. I had to find my copy myself, which means you have to too!

To get a working version of MacWolf, you must MacBinary the original executable file and the scenario file for Second Encounter (should be a file that says "Second Encounter - 30 Levels) [that will give them the extension .bin]. Then, rename the binary "wolf3d.bin" and the scenario file "wolflvls.bin" and drop them into your ECWolf data folder (wherever you put your game files, i.e., VSWAP.WL6)
Spoiler: SCREENSHOTS!!!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


I have uploaded a seperate patch named "astrostein_fix_PC. This version is slightly different, as it includes a few more files to
achieve compatibility with the PC version of Wolfenstein 3D! This is kind of a big deal, since (as far as I can tell) this is the ONLY
mod to achieve cross compatibility with both the Mac and PC versions of Wolfenstein! (Even if it's only slightly - the fact that you can literally just
change a few things and load original Mac assets with the PC version is amazing. Thanks Blzut3!)
This will still require the dev versions, as it heavily relies on the Mac decorate codes, xlat, and ability to load Mac scenarios.

This still includes the original mod, ready to go, so you won't have to mess with any MacBinary shit at all if you don't want to! Simply drag n' drop or run "ecwolf --file Astrostein.bin astrostein_fix_pc.pk3. Even though this runs with the PC version, it is still prone to the bugs Blzut3 hasn't worked out of the Mac version yet, such as crashing at the end of the game.

UPDATE 8/10/15 - Palette fix and a few optimizations
UPDATE 12/03/18 - added Mapinfo, game no longer crashes at end and levels have music.