Desert Eagle .357

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Re: Desert Eagle .357

by Rex Claussen » Mon May 14, 2018 15:00

Ed the Bat wrote:
Mon May 14, 2018 14:49
... or maybe just making it a rare easter egg-type item in the main quest.
Perhaps this is the way to approach this. Don't get me wrong: I really like the Desert Eagle, and am looking for ways to introduce it into the original maps. I am simply wary of offering the player the choice, essentially, between one half of an apple and the other half.

I have to say, though, the laser targeter that makes the weapon more accurate is a very cool feature. [I did not know this until you mentioned it.]

Re: Desert Eagle .357

by Ed the Bat » Mon May 14, 2018 14:49

I included resources so that Bellmer can collect the Desert Eagle if he finds it (HEV-suited hands), so if you want to put it in the main game, it's ready. Still, I am not opposed to isolating it to the Otis story, or maybe just making it a rare easter egg-type item in the main quest.

Your concern about its power is valid, and I believe Opposing Force compensated that exactly as you might guess: ammo was a little TOO scarce, in my opinion. Makes the player want to save it for only the bigger enemies.

For the sake of completeness, I'll also run down (off the top of my head) the key differences between the Python and the Desert Eagle:
* Desert Eagle holds 7 rounds, which is more than the Python's 6, but probably not enough to make a considerable difference
* Desert Eagle reloads faster, being magazine-fed like the Glock/Beretta
* Desert Eagle is slightly less powerful than the Python, though still quite formidable
* Desert Eagle has abysmal accuracy but a higher firing rate, which can be nice for punching through enemies in close quarters
* Desert Eagle's altfire activates a laser targeter, which cuts its firing rate down considerably, but grants virtually perfect accuracy

All this considered, I find the Desert Eagle a litle more 'fun', but on the whole, either gun will get the job done just fine.

Re: Desert Eagle .357

by Rex Claussen » Mon May 14, 2018 14:41

Thanks for clarifying all the issues I raised.

As for the duplication between the Python & the Desert Eagle, the similarities in behavior are so great that it seems to be pointless to have 2 such weapons. Still, I love the model/graphics, and I'll try to figure out a way to integrate the Desert Eagle into the original maps.

A better alternative might be to ignore the original maps and focus on the use of the Desert Eagle in the Otis Shift maps. But it bothers me that the player is immediately given such a powerful weapon, rendering many other weapons completely redundant (within the constraints of ammo availability).

Re: Desert Eagle .357

by Ed the Bat » Mon May 14, 2018 14:20

I'll try my best to answer your questions in the order you posed them.

1. In the original games, the Desert Eagle was a replacement for the Python in Half-Life: Opposing Force. As you noticed for yourself, they are similar in a lot of ways, so this was something of a lateral change.
2. Defining weaponslots in KEYCONF has been deprecated for literally about a decade, for a number of reasons. It is now done in the DECORATE/ZScript definition of the weapon itself, or of the playerclass. I'm away from my desk right now, but... I THINK I did it on the playerclass. If not, check the weapon. Regardless, tt should be on Slot 2, along with the other handguns, like in Half-Life.
3. HLDesertEagleMag, like all ammo classes ending with "Mag", indicates what's held in the gun. The ammo pickups are shared with the Python; there was no need to make a second one.
4. Otis Shift is definitely alpha-quality right now, so the sky's the limit on adjusting or improving it. I feel it would be better in the long run to build something 'proper' from the ground up, but there's time for that in the future. Beretta ammo is compatible with the assault rifle (a change from the original Paranoid, but it matches the original Half-Life), so it's still useful right now.
5. This may be true, but not as drastic as it may seem at first, since it's not too dissimilar to the existing Python. I am not opposed to rebalancing the maps anyhow, in light of any weapon/monster changes that crept in along with my code updates.

If you have any other questions or concerns, let me know.

Desert Eagle .357

by Rex Claussen » Mon May 14, 2018 3:54

In the Otis Shift discussion I had indicated that the new handgun is vastly more powerful than that in Paranoid. Ed pointed out that this is a new handgun, the Desert Eagle .357, which is intentionally more powerful than the handgun in Paranoid (the Beretta). This raises the following questions & issues:

1. While I think that the Desert Eagle ought to be included in the original missions of the game, I'm unclear on where it fits in the overall scheme of things. It is very powerful, and is somewhat similar in scope to the Python (.357 magnum). Therefore, is it redundant, considering we already have a very similar handgun?
2. I am also literally unclear of where it fits, in terms of the weapon slot. I opened the zip file and noticed there isn't a KEYCONF lump. I poked around the zip, but couldn't find the weapon slots. So which slot does it occupy, and where is the definition of slots?
3. I also couldn't find the ammo type that goes with the Desert Eagle. The DECORATE definition indicates it's the HLDesertEagleMag, but I didn't see where the ammo is defined. Also, I couldn't find a model for the ammo.
4. Item 3 is made more complicated by the fact that the Otis Shift map has no ammo for the Desert Eagle. In other words, once you run out of ammo, you can't use the weapon any more. The alpha Barneys drop Beretta ammo, which is useless, as the player doesn't have a Beretta.
5. Because of its power, introducing it into the original maps will require re-balancing the gameplay.