The Deimos Syndrome

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Re: The Deimos Syndrome

by Rex Claussen » Wed May 06, 2020 17:56

@Nigel: HUD_ALTHUD 1 doesn't appear to do anything. Is there even an alternative HUD in this game?

But, in answer to your question, this would be an acceptable alternative. It would just need to be stated in the text file (which people don't read, but :shrug:) or in an opening script.

@Ed: There is not any urgency, as the mapping on the entire set is far from complete. At this point I have more-or-less finished mapping on 9 out of 13 maps, with a 10th one close to being wrapped up. Really, the alternative HUD needs to be done by the time the game is ready for proper play-testing.

In this thread on the ZDooM forums I asked the same question as here: Can a simple script that counts ammo and displays the results be created? I was referred to an excellent mod, but it was far too involved for our needs. I didn't know if there was a simpler way to do things.

Re: The Deimos Syndrome

by Ed the Bat » Wed May 06, 2020 14:23

I feel shitty even saying anything now because I'm in the biggest slump ever, so I feel like I'm making promises without delivering on them... but in short, yes, I could do it, especially after converting the HUD to ZScript.

Re: The Deimos Syndrome

by Enjay » Sun May 03, 2020 13:24

Do the ammo counts appear if you use the alt HUD? ( hud_althud 1 at the console )? If so, would that be acceptable?

The Deimos Syndrome

by Rex Claussen » Sat Apr 25, 2020 16:59

In this thread I said:

"Graf had made a suggestion several years ago. He had suggested creating maps where players use the original DooM weapons against Half-Life enemies. This would also be worth considering. In fact, I had briefly contemplated a map with DooM textures and weapons, but Half-Life enemies. This, too, will allow other Team members to use their own style to develop maps."

To this end I have begun creating a new mini-episode for this expansion pack, with a Deimos theme but with H-L textures. I have completed mapping, gameplay, and testing on the first map, and have made a goodly amount of mapping progress on the second map. At this point, I envision 3 maps. However, I might do more if inspiration strikes me.

But here is the issue I have: Although I have set things up so that the player can switch between DooM weapons (via KEYCONF), I have not been able to figure out how to display the ammo count. This is a potentially serious drawback, as the player is almost playing blind when it comes to knowing how much ammo s/he has. Of course, we could always create a new HUD, but that would be very cluttered (and, mostly unnecessary for the rest of the maps, all of which use HL weapons).

Alternatively, the inventory could be displayed via an ACS script, similar to what we had done with The Phobos Directive, wherein the player was able to display the list of objectives as well as which objectives had been completed. I haven't explored this option further.

Any easier way to display the ammo amounts?