wolfenstein 3d for gzdoom

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by WolfyGirl » Tue Oct 14, 2008 7:46

i love it to plat TCs online.
i always liked it to play Wolf3d online on SkullTag.
but i find the community a little bit shit, due to some ass admins. >_>
the only admin i like is SuperGod, the rest are such a admins who missuse there rights.
even got an ban from Metalhead which was actually an mistake.
in other words, i had done nothing wrong and got banned for 3 days. >_>
not only by that, i wasn't even respected on ST, even not because of my Interval Missions mod which was actually based on F.E.A.R.
that mod is dead now because i left ST.
i couldn't take it to hang around with such an ass community.
heh, they even say that we doomers are so childish, i guess that they never saw themselfs as worst admins! xD
well.... SuperGod had also a few minpoints.
You wanted to take of my servers only because i was forced to use HIS banlist.
that's what i mean, none of those admins cares about their players.
which means that they are creating ST for nothing.
not to be totally offensive or something.... but it was really rough to force me like those ways.
(playing on an other name has also no use, because they can spot you via IP Addresses)

by Gendo » Mon Oct 13, 2008 22:39

i guess it's clear now that i'm not ;) just looking for good gzdoom tcs/wads that use its full capabilities and somehow stumbled upon this (not the case, but still cool to be able to play near-original wolf3d without firing up dosbox) :)

by WolfyGirl » Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:50

i was bored so i didn't know what to type in, see it as bad humor! o.o

by Gez » Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:29

WolfyGirl wrote:so you are original creator of the Total Convertion or not? o.o
I don't think the original creator (who usually goes by AFADoomer) would say he has "recently installed" his own creation. :P

by WolfyGirl » Mon Oct 13, 2008 7:30

so you are original creator of the Total Convertion or not? o.o

i had also plans to make an Wolfenstein 3D TC, but i see that place has already been taken. :oops:
So i start something else called ConsoleDoom.
no it doesn't make use of Doom 64 features.
i just choose this name because i couldn't think of an other name.
my wish is to make it fully OpenGL.
however, ConsoleDoom is still development, so i will not spread out the Forum link public yet.
so you guys have to wait for the announcement.
so far only 2 developers in the team, which is pretty on the weak side.
So it might take months to reach our goal.
might be a bit tricky with making shadows, however i am pretty intrested in this TC.
Because SkullTag also had one.
oh ya, and Welcome to DRD Team.org forum, enjoy your stay. ;)

wolfenstein 3d for gzdoom

by Gendo » Sun Oct 12, 2008 21:57

hello. greetings to zdoom.org forum members and others too, i recently registered here.

recently i installed this, anyone else tried?


note that you need to use the latest SVN build and place all the TC contents in a subdir within the gzdoom folder, otherwise it won't work.