Insanity's Edge

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Re: Insanity's Edge

by Starscream2 » Thu Jun 25, 2009 7:11

Thanks for that :)
I should probably finish of fixing the bug reports form zdoom, and upload a final copy to IDGames Archive.

Re: Insanity's Edge

by Bishop » Thu Jun 25, 2009 5:44

I'm glad I stumbled upon this... because it's good, very good.
Nice work :)

Insanity's Edge

by Starscream2 » Sun May 31, 2009 22:56


Get it here:
Here is some info, backstory, and screenshots.

This is a 1 map mod for zdoom/gzdoom (Gzdoom prefered, as there is some glitchy portals when you play with zdoom, not to mention additive translucent Textures)
The map is rather long, and not to difficult, with enough ammo to get you through.
Also with a final boss fight at the end.

Here is a bit of the backstory:

This mod is set after the first demon invasion, and so the UAC is back to their normal experiments with teleportation. But this time the UAC is also working on the Demon Annihilation Resonator Type 2K, which was designed to wipe out demons by just being near them. Knowing the UAC, they screwed up again and demons came back from hell. And if things could not get any worse, the Demon Annihilation Resonator Type 2K has disapeared just a few days before. But this time the demons are acting different. They aren't killing for fun, they are killing for a diferent reason.

To survive.

You are Sergeant Shaun Rumsey, a marine on a UAC base on earth that was recently attack by the forces of hell, after finding a large hell portal in the mines. Marines fought bravley, but were outnumberded and slaughtered. As far as you know, you are the only one left on this base, and it is amazing you are still alive. Maybe you have better skills than you first thought. You see a shotgun in front of you, and hope that no demons will come teleporting in once you pick it up.

And now some screens:
Starting room, with the shotgun that is mentioned in the backstory.

Just another room.

An outside area that you can't get to, but can see through a window.[/spoiler]
A rather dark cavern, with some imps getting a tan.

Another outdoor area which you can get to this time.

A area taken over by hell, in Section B.[/spoiler]
Small arena type area.

A large carvern.[/spoiler]