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All accounts before 2020-04-01 with 0 posts have been deactivated

Posted: Mon Oct 05, 2020 15:23
by Rachael
Due to spam bots, all accounts registered before April that have never made a post have been shut down. If you are attached to a name/email on one of these accounts, please contact me on the ZDoom forum to have to restored. Eventually these accounts will be permanently removed. If this happens the names and emails associated with those accounts will be freed - you can then reregister your account as normal without restrictions.

And please - for the love of sanity and staying sane - if you're going to make an account, use it! At least make a post on it so you separate yourself out from the spam bots who abuse the system. A private message does not count as a post - you need to increment your post count number at least to 1 so the pruning system doesn't group your account with the trash ones.