New versions of ZDoom and GZDoom!

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New versions of ZDoom and GZDoom!

Post by Rachael » Sat Feb 06, 2016 9:42

Randy and team are at it again, and in an effort to move the ZDoom codebase forward, have pushed another release of the awesome source ports everyone knows and loves!

ZDoom has seen its 2.8.0 release, its first release in 2 and a half years, bringing many features to modders and players alike.

To coincide with this, Graf Zahl has done yet another dual release of GZDoom to bring GZDoom's features in line with what's new in ZDoom.

If you're not sure which GZDoom you should download - here is the general rule:

Version 2.1.0 - This is the version that benefits from the OpenGL rewrite. This version is a lot faster and a lot leaner for systems that can support it. It is recommended for any computer that has a GL3+ compliant card or still has drivers that are being actively updated and supported by your graphics card manufacturer today. If this version does not work properly, then try 1.9.0.

Version 1.9.0 - This is the version from before the OpenGL subsystem refactoring - it is a continuation of 1.8.x that brings it in line with ZDoom's newest features and is strictly for older computers. (You must have at least OpenGL 2.0 to use this one) - if you have an older graphics card, this version may also work better for other reasons if your drivers are not GL3 compliant (example, some older ATI cards, such as the HD4850).

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