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Community Build Documentation

Post by Dev Builds Team » Fri Jul 03, 2009 3:30

Since the stuff in the community builds is not in the wiki, it only makes sense that things used in the community build should be documented. Without further ado...

DECORATE functions:
A_RadiusPull(int force = 128, int distance = -1, bool affectsource = true)
A_Delay(int delay)

MAPINFO skill stuff:
MonsterHealth = float (relative to 1.0, which equals full health. <1.0 is a scale of less health, and >1.0 is a scale of more health)
FriendlyHealth = float
NoPain (If present, disables pain state for monsters)

New or modified actors:
More invisibility modes are available, including "Stencil", "Additive" and "Opaque".

A very powerful type of powerups, see this thread for more information.

An actor that gives a random inventory item when picked up. It can be used in two ways, one is consistent with the RandomSpawner method (a list of DropItems), the other is consistent with Skulltag's own RandomPowerup item and use the following restricted function to make it change what item it gives:
A_RandomPowerupFrame(class<Actor> "InventoryItem")

DECORATE property:
Activation: modifies how the actor runs its special when triggered through the BUMPSPECIAL or USESPECIAL flags. The properties are cumulative and flaglike (can be prefixed with + to add them or - to remove them). (In the following, "thing" refers to the actor with a special and either or both of BUMPSPECIAL and USESPECIAL, "trigger" refers to the actor that bumped or used the thing.)
* ThingActs: the thing is the activator of the special, rather than the trigger. (Default behavior is the trigger is the activator.)
* ThingTargets: the thing changes its target to the trigger.
* TriggerTargets: the trigger changes its target to the thing.
* MonsterTrigger: the trigger can be a monster (default behavior is only players can be triggers).
* MissileTrigger: the trigger can be a missile (default behavior is only players can be triggers).
This property, combined with special ACS_Execute or its variants and SetActivatorToTarget, can offer an impressive flexibility for scripting effects.

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