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Paul's Bag O' Stuff is an online portfolio of Pawel (Paul) Zarczynski. It contains visual art, traditional and computer made, music and game mods, mostly for old games.
All work found here is Copyright Intellectual Property, but free of charge, so use if you wish on your site, but remember to credit me as the author.


Name: Paweł Jerzy Żarczyński
Nationality: Polish
Age: 25
Hobbies: Anything art related, old video games, music
Character: Quiet, calm, philosophical
Occupation: Art School Student

Mail -
Gadu-Gadu (Polish communicator) - 40159795

In my mentality, art is something that should transfer emotions, from one person to another, and thus I always try to make art that brings out hapiness, bravery, hope in my audience, trying to make life appear much more magical to everyone out there, because I do believe life is magic, but burdened by everyday duties and responsibilities we lack time and will to admire it...

I work in various technics, the favorites being Pencil, Oil Pastels, Acrylics and Water-Soluble Oil Paints, because I'm too sensitive to Solvents.
As of now I'm an Art Student, studying Visual Communication and Design, hoping to become a professional artist in the future.

I strongly encourage everyone out there to take some time, read an art book or watch a painting lesson and try themselves with art, for it brings lots of good thoughts to your heart provided you give yourself a chance and some faith in yourself. When I was starting as an artist, I couldn't draw a straight line, I had no idea things like perspective or values can actually be used the way I use them today. But I didn't give up, and from a total zero I allowed myself to fruit in art.

For me, the mythical Talent is nothing more but the will to actually try one's self at art. If you want to buy a canvas, some paints and brushes, and you want to paint, you're already an artist period. The rest is the technical ability which comes to you with practice, and through technique you'll soon establish a bridge sorta, between your mind and the deep part of yourself that keeps all the beautiful stuff so you can paint pictures the way you want them, the way which makes you happy and look into the future with sparkling eyes.

So stop sometimes to think about life and how pretty it is, it could be, it wants to be...
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