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Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2009 17:26
by Paul
Ya links! Heading out already?

ART RELATED: - Cool tutorials and stuff on making portraits - Some cool tutorials on lighting

GAMES RELATED: - I'd be a moron not to link to a site that hosts me no? But it's a cool place, so check it out! - possibly the best source port for Doom. - another awesome source port for Doom. Zdoom is Doom + lots of new stuff. Boom is Doom... ready to go on modern systems, but retaining the classic feeling and whatnot, plus some new stuff. Check it out!

FREE GAME RESOURCES: - cool site with freeware graphics. I post freewarez I make over there. - awesome place with freeware aural stuff for your games/multimedia productions.

Want to get linked here? Drop me a mail and an url and I'll see if I like ya site (I prolly will) and include it here.