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That was one hot month...

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 11:27
by Paul
August ends and the chilling breeze of winter gets closer with each moment... And thank goodness! While everyone else is making bbq parties, getting laid, goin' to da club, getting laid some more... I'm getting all frustrated from sweat on my arms smearing my drawings :x

A fistful of quality art comes your way in the Art section. Only recently I'm re-discovering the world of classical painting with the brush n' stuff. It seems to have much more spirit and feeling than the digital way of doing things ;)
There's also a set of photos I made 2 years ago named "Abstract Landscapes". Then there's also a midi soundtrack for your Doom mod in the music section.

The games section didn't earn any new shots or anything. I'm seriously considering shutting it down. :| Really, I haven't touched my mods in months. I think I'll release some alpha or something to see if it generates any interest, but that's a big maybe...

Have fun! Back to drawing...

Re: That was one hot month...

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 16:29
by Enjay
Having had the wettest, most miserable (weather-wise) summer I can remember where there were only 2 days that I did not experience at least some rain from the last week in June to the end of August and the temperature has spent most of its time on the low to mid teens celcius and a "typical" day has included winds, low temperatures, often torrential rain and generally crappy weather, I have no sympathy. :P

Going to check out your sweaty art later. ;)

Re: That was one hot month...

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2012 17:50
by Paul
Ugh, I don't envy. :(