Complex Doom: LCA (Legendary Complex Addon)

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Complex Doom: LCA (Legendary Complex Addon)

Post by Legendary » Sat Aug 12, 2017 20:01

Hello there, I've finally got around to making a forum post for LCA. This is a little mod/addon that I have made with the help of a few people that is still currently being worked on. It adds a variety of things to Complex Doom such as Legendary and Non-Legendary monsters, weapons, powerups, and music. The sole purpose of this mod was just for fun and I've really enjoyed making it along with the friends I've met on the way that helped me get to where the mod is today. Let me know what you think of it and what I can do to improve it. Report any bugs to me here or just pm them to me and I'll do my best to try and get them fixed. So far the current version is v1.5.9.5. I will no longer be using the Zandronum forums due to recent events. All updates will be posted here.
Spoiler: Screen Shots
Spoiler: CVARS
Load Order
- The files must be loaded in this order, any level wad must be placed ABOVE Complex Doom for minimal errors:
. complex-doom.v26a2.pk3
. lca-v1.5.9.5.pk3

Recommended Online Server Load Order
. complex-doom.v26a2.pk3
. complex-doom.v26a2-nopush-v6.pk3
. complex-doom-justammo.v4.wad
. lca-v1.5.9.5.pk3
. lca-v1.5.9-nopush-v2.pk3
. hpbar-v15b.pk3

Additional Information
For the future of LCA I plan on doing a multitude of things. First, I plan on removing all invulnerability states for Legendary monsters, excluding the True Legendary ones. I will do this in a way that it doesn't nerf them but makes things a little more fair. Second, I will try to get the True Legendary Annihilator (TLA) finished for that same update. I will also possibly increase the weapon drop rates for non-Legendary monsters (Let me know what you think about this one). Lastly, I will rework the Poltergeist so that he will be more original and have more original attacks. Those are just a few of the things I have in store for the next update! I plan on doing many more things to improve the mod even more!

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Allowed the drops to spawn after killing the True Legendary Baby Sentient.
Updated the Legendary Cyber Noble Minion coding.
Updated the damage factors for the Legendary Cyber Noble.
Cleaned up the Freezer Rifle's coding a little.
Lowered the protection chances for all Legendary Zombies.
Increased the speed of the Legendary Plasmatic Rifle Projectiles.
Fixed the True Legendary BFG doing team and self damage online.
Fixed the Leg storm bolt spawners so that they no longer telefrag players.
Fixed the DT Devastator's projectiles giving infinite points and having blood come out of the projectiles.
Fixed the True Legendary Card's death sky change.
Fixed the raise animation for the Sand Spirit.
Removed the stronger TLC from the Leg Cyb's spawn and moved him over to the Leg Anni's as a place holder for the TLA.
Buffed the Legendary Stealth Trooper.
Lowered the Freezer Rifle drop rate for the Poltergeist.
Fixed the script errors caused by the Legendary Demon Rune.
Fixed the hpbar names for the Legendary Baby Sentient's minions.
Updated the spawn effects for the TLC.  (A little longer now, better effects, and added music.)
Fixed the Fake Legendary Sentient actor.
Made it so the stronger TLC has a small chance of spawning now.
Fixed the spawn of the True Legendary Cyberdemon.  (Zan 3.0 plz)
Fixed the blue guru spray actors since they were yellow instead of blue.
Gave a species to the Legendary Redeemer.
Added a powerup dropped from True Legendary enemies that upgrades the Legendary BFG.
Added an alt fire attack to the Legendary BFG.
Fixed the height of the Legendary Cyber Noble and Legendary Hell Knight so that they longer gets stuck in certain areas.
Added back the A_SetScale coding to the Legendary BFG now that A_SetScale is supported for Zan 3.0.
Added the Cardinal flames script for the True Legendary Cardinal.  (Less buggy this way and flames no longer go away during certain attacks, now they only go away when he dies.)
Removed the Cardinal flames from the True Legendary and Legendary Cardinal's decorate since it was already there with acs.
Fixed the height of the Legendary Revenant so that he no longer gets stuck in certain areas.
Gave Arcradimus the +NOFEAR flag.
Lowered the damage of the DT Railgun to 450 from 500.
Increased the lunge range for the Toxic Fiend.
Fixed the grammar for the Legendary Card's intermission speech.
Made it so the Legendary Rune's Iron Feet ability wouldn't leak like normal rad suits.
Fixed a bug where a lot of the Legendary boss fire spawners wouldn't appear online.
Fixed the grammar for the TLS's Legendary Balance attack.
Removed the death speech from the TLS.
Removed the +NODROPOFF flag from the TLS and TLBS.
Fixed the unknown script bug when using the Legendary Time Freeze Sphere.
Fixed the health for the Cerebral Sentient.
Removed the tracking cvars since boss monsters are tracked automatically.
Fixed the Explosive Minigun having a few firing sounds from the normal Minigun.
Lowered the weapon drop rates for the Annihilator Imp.
Nerfed the damage of the Annihilator Imp's normal rockets.
Fixed the script error you get when killing Arcradimus.
Added GLDEFS to the Legendary Cardinal's big plasmatic bomb attack.
Made the damage all players script non abusable.  (It is now only used once by the TLS when it does a certain attack at low health.)
Restored the damage of the DT Railgun.
Removed the replacer cvars due to them causing bugs.
Nerfed the damage all players script.
Added a species and tag to the Cacodemon type enemies.
Added hpbar compatibility for the newer LCA enemies.
Optomized Legendary Monster's rush ability.
Slightly nerfed the Legendary Commando.
Fixed a few texture issues.
Organized the LCA pk3 a little better.
Fixed a lot of ACS issues.
Fixed the issue where the BFG Caco's tracers would hurt other Cacodemons and returned Its BFG Ball speed back to normal.
Fixed the BFG Ball issue for the Dark Annihilator as well.
Made it less likely for a DTR to spawn on the Plasma Rifle in Replacer.
Fixed a lot of sounds that had increased volume.  (Except the Leg ASG.)
Nerfed the Demon Tech Railgun.
Fixed the issue with the Legendary Ammo Sphere.
Updated the permissions and contact information for LCA.
Made the Legendary Rune's golden smoke vanilla mode compatible.
Slightly nerfed the Legendary LMG.
Slightly lowered the weapon drop rates for the Annihilator Imp.
Fixed the issue where the Legendary Power Sphere would remove the Rage from the Legendary Rune if both are used.
Changed the pickup message for the Legendary Power Sphere.
Removed the Advanced Necronomicon, the Velocirator now drops Green Armor instead.  (I will probably add it back once I change the way it works to make it more useful.)
Made the DT Railgun's projectile vanilla mode compatible.
Fixed the damage of the Demonic Zombie's homing projectile.  (Was supposed to be 8 instead of 35.)
Fixed the issue where a player would use a grenade or mine with a certain gun and It'd activate on a different weapon.
Fixed the issue where Leg Music wouldn't play on the Zandronum 3.0 Alpha builds.
Made it so the Rictus minions summoned by the Rictus Incarnate don't infight or get damaged by the Rictus Incarnate.
Changed the sprites for the Archviles that resurrect the Leg Cyber.
Lowered the item drop rates for the Legendary Baby Sentient, Redeemer, Behemoth, and Soul to compensate for their nerfs.
Added a melee sound for the Rictus Incarnate.
Added new sprites for the Legendary BFG Player.
Changed the sounds for the Freezer Zombie.
Changed the pickup sound for the Advanced Necronomicon.
Changed the pickup sound and sprite for the Legendary BFG.
Updated the effects on the small Devastator Ball projectiles.
Gave the +NOTELEFRAG flag to the Legendary Cardinal.
Fixed the bug where it said "Tried to register class 'ComplexDoomPlayer' more than once." in the console.  (Made a new player class.)
Fixed the bug where the LASG magazine would fall through the ground.
Gave brightness to the Legendary Cyber's death explosions.
Gave brightness to the Legendary Sphere.
Added a new monster, The Annihilator Imp.
Made gibbing animations for the Legendary Hell Knight.
Updated the explosion effects for the Legendary Plasmatic Rifle projectile.
Fixed the GLDEFS for the Legendary Annihilator's death animation.
Added GLDEFS to the fake Legendary Annihilator.
Fixed the fake Legendary Zombie actor.
Added GLDEFS for the Leg HK's fast homing ball.
Added GLDEFS for the Leg HK's spread attack.
Added a new attack to the Legendary Commando.
Limited the amount of traps the Legendary Baby Sentient can use to 3.
Added the Legendary smoke effect to the Legendary Cardinal and True Legendary Cardinal.
Added a new monster, the Poltergeist.
Most LCA monsters of the same class now can't hurt other monsters in that class, excluding the monsters that hurt eachother normally.
Fixed the damages for the Freezer Behemoth, he now doesn't hurt other Mancs.  All his attacks also freeze you now instead of normally killing you.
Added a new monster, the Toxic Fiend.
True Legendary enemies now also drop a Drain Rune.
Added a new monster, the True Legendary Baby Sentient.  (Only used as a minion for the TLS, nothing more.)
Increased the recoil and radius quake for the Hexa-Shotgun.
Nerfed the Hexa-Shotgun Zombie.
Added pickup sounds for the Legendary Plasmatic Rifle ammo.
Added NOPAIN states to the Cerebral Cardinal.
Lowered the movement speed of the Shotgun Commando.
Made it so the Lost Souls spawned from the Tormentor don't get hurt by the Tormentor's attacks.
Fixed the white pixel on one of the TLC's inactive rotation.
Changed the player sprite's for the Demon Tech Rifle.
Added the Sky texture to the True Legendary Cardinal.
Fixed the Legendary Demon Rune's sound glitch where it still played after pickup.
Added a damage factor to the Phase Overlord so that other Nobles couldn't hurt him.
Removed the PLAYPAL and COLORMAP.lmp from the pk3.
Corrected the GLDEF colors for the Freezer Behemoth's attacks.
Added GLDEFS to the Cydestroyer's red Leg Rev attack.
Added GLDEFS for the rest of the Sand Spirit's attacks.
Increased the speed of the BFG Cacodemon's BFG9500 Ball and removed the tracers since they caused damage to other Cacos.
Changed the sounds for the Eraser Zombie.
Fixed the back breathing animation for the BFG10K General.
Buffed the Legendary Cardinal and True Legendary Cardinal.
Lowered the amount of Legendary ammo you get from backpacks.
Updated the ammo satchel to the Complex Doom v26a2 version and decreased the ammount of Legendary ammo you get from it.
Added most of the fixes from Randommons.
Removed the wind up sound from the Shotgun Commando.
Increased the weapon drop rate for the Shotgun Commando.
Lowered drop rates for the DT Devastator Zombie, Eraser Zombie, Hexa-Shotgun Zombie, Freezer Zombie, Baby Sentient, Cerebral Sentient, Behemoth, and BFG10K General.
Fixed the bug for when the player picks up the Legendary ASG it doesn't have any ammo loaded.
Added GLDEFS and Brightness to Arcradimus.
Added new sprites for the Legendary Baby Sentient.
Added new sounds for the Freezer Behemoth.
Added a new monster, the Dark Annihilator.
Added a new weapon, the Demon Tech Railgun.
Added GLDEF lighting to the Cardihilator.
Added GLDEF lighting to the Blue Guru Balls.
Added GLDEF lighting to all the fake Legendary enemies.
Fixed the brightness on certain attacks for the Legendary Cyber Noble.
Removed the drone attacks from the Legendary Baby Sentient and replaced them with an attack that summons 1 of each Arachnotron variant once at 50% hp.
Added GLDEF lighting for the Legendary Sentient.
Changed the sprites for the Legendary Grenades and Mines.
Added a new attack to the BFG Cacodemon.
Updated the damage factor for the BFG Cacodemon, he now can't get hurt by or hurt other cacos.
Updated the monster spawners to Complex Doom V26a2's monster spawners.  (Yes I know this should have been done a long time ago.)
Added GLDEF lighting to the Cerebral Cardinal.
Fixed the protection sound for the Legendary Rune when playing online.
Added GLDEF lighting to the Freezer Rifle's projectiles.
Added GLDEF lighting for all LCA Zombies while shooting.
Added a new zombie, the Demonic Zombie.  (Very similar to the one in old Complex.)
Added a new zombie, the Explosive Minigunner.
Added the GLDEFS back for the Baby Sentient, Behemoth, and Cerebral Sentient.  (Forgot to do that after renaming them and adding the new weapons to them.)
Nerfed the Legendary Baby Sentient.
Nerfed the health of the Legendary Baby Sentient's drones.
Increased the melee damage intake for the True Legendary Cyberdemon.
Nerfed the Fake Legendary Redeemer's projectile damages.
Nerfed the Legendary Redeemer's vile attack.
Slightly nerfed the Velocirator.
Added a new spider demon, the True Legendary Sentient.
Added a decal and lighting to the Legendary Revenant's Railgun attack.
Slightly increased the drops for the Legendary Stealth Trooper and Assault Captain to compensate for their buffs.
Buffed the Mine attack of the Legendary Assault Captain.
Fixed the MoveBob of the Demon Tech Devastator.
Limited the Legendary Reedemer to 3 clones but they will not die with time anymore.
Legendary Redeemer will now spawn traps around his dead body instead of 4 on it.
Added GLDEF lighting to the Legendary Time Freeze Sphere.
Made LCA GZDoom compatible.
Gave the +AVOIDMELEE flag to the True Leg Cyber since he has a high damage intake for fists.
Lowered the resistance of the Legendary Tormentor.
Severely lowered the accuracy of the Legendary Stealth Trooper.
Replaced the Legendary AK-47 with a Legendary LMG.
Added a new attack to the Legendary Stealth Trooper.
Changed LegZombie actor name to LegendaryZombie.
Changed FakeLegZombie actor name to FakeLegendaryZombie.
Buffed the altfire of the Legendary Plasmatic Cannon.
Added the +NOFEAR flag for all Legendary monsters so they won't run away from a player with the Legendary Power Sphere.
Added a new powerup, the Legendary Power Sphere which gives (speed, firing speed, health drain, and makes all monsters but Legendaries afraid of you for 45 seconds), can be dropped by Legendary Fiend, Imp, Soul, Redeemer, and Tormentor.
Added a new powerup, the Legendary Power Shard which gives (50% damage resistance + health regeneration up to 200 + armor regeneration up to 450 for 30 seconds), can be dropped by any Legendary Zombie.
Legendary Baby Sentient and Legendary Sentient can now also drop an Explosive Minigun + ammo.
Added New Sprites for the Shotgun Commando, Legendary Assault Captain, and Legendary Zombie.
Made a stronger version of the True Legendary Cyberdemon (name is the same) and a weaker version for normal LCA.  (TrueLegendaryCyberdemonNormal.)
Changed the Legendary Stealth Trooper's sprites so he now uses an LMG instead of an AK-47.
Nerfed the Legendary Behemoth.
Nerfed the Legendary Soul.
Fixed the GLDefs on the Legendary Soul's strongest attack.
Changed Freezer Rifle HUD from angled to centered.
Changed Explosive Minigun HUD from angled to centered.
Changed Legendary BFG HUD from angled to centered.
Changed doomednums to follow a standard index now.
Added doomednums, titles, categories, and previews to all monsters, weapons, powerups, and ammo.
Updated map LCADEMO.
Changed sprites and sounds for the Legendary Fiend.
Gave 35% D-BFG resist to all Legendary Monsters.
Made it so TLC only teleports when the player isn't in LoS while firing.
Made the Legendary Bosses dodge D-BFG projectiles.
Fixed the bug where Leg Demon Rune still played its idle sound after pickup.
Added special effects to the Legendary Rune.
Gave 40% D-BFG resist to the True Legendary Cardinal.
Gave 35% D-BFG resist to the Legendary Cardinal, Cyberdemon, Sentient, and Annihilator.
Gave spash damage to the Legendary Nukes.
Buffed the True Legendary Cyberdemon's overall resistance and increased a few rare attack chances.
Increased True Legendary Cyb's spawnrate to 52/256 from 48/256.  (Slightly over 20%.)
Added leap/stomp ability to True Legendary Cyberdemon.
Improved Legendary Fiend sprites and sounds.
Added breath effects to Legendary Fiend's Ripperr charge+attack.
Added Legendary Bullets to the Leg Ultrasphere.
Fixed a bug with the Explosive Minigun.
Buffed the Legendary Cyber's Leg ASG attack.
Lowered the chance of the protection state to all Legendary Zombies.
Removed the advanced movement from the Shotgun Commando.
Lowered the speed of the Legendary Rifle Projectiles and increased the Damage to 50 (Same damage as the first lca version).
Improved Legendary Sentient & Legendary Behemoth.
Buffed the protection of Legendary Zombies, they can now move when being invinsible.
Buffed Storm Bolt for Legenday Redeemer and Sentient.
Fixed Dodge State bug in Legendary Commando.
Nerfed the Legendary Baby Sentient(lowered damages, limited drones and some attacks).
Improved sound levels for some Legendary effects, and monster actions for Legendary Cyber Noble, and Legendary Revenant.
Slightly increased the visibility of the Legendary Stealth Trooper in phase mode.
Added a new monster to the Lost Soul Spawner, the Legendary Soul(he won't spawn at Lost Soul spawners but from Legendary Tormentor or Legendary Zombies).
Added a new monster to the Pain Elemental Spawner, the Legendary Tormentor.
Made it so the Cardihilator drops a Devastator instead of a DTBFG.
Nerfed the Cardihilator.
Added a new monster to the Baron of Hell category, the Rictus Incarnate.
Added green lighting effects while the BFG10K General is shooting.
Changed the sounds for the Devastator Zombie.
Recolored the Devastator Zombie to match the weapon sprite more.
Added GLDEFS to the Behemoth Cannon's primary fire.
Added weapon idle sounds to the Eraser and Devastator Zombie while not moving.
Added a circle around the blue star for the Leg Cyb and True Leg Cyb.
Buffed the Legendary Devastation attack of the True Leg Cyb.
Made it so the Eraser Zombie and Devastator Zombie doesn't go into their pain state while shooting.
Added a stomp attack to the Legendary Annihilator.
Made it so the Devastator Zombie doesn't go into his pain state while charging up his BFG shot.
Changed the Legendary Commando's obituary.
Removed the Legendary resist from the Cerebral Cardinal.
Fixed the brightness on the Freezer Behemoth.
Added more blue ghost sprites to the special attacks of the True Leg Cyb.
Removed the rest of the purple smoke from the Phase Overlord.
Removed the PLAYPAL and COLORMAP.lmp from the LCA pk3.
Buffed Legendary Redeemer's attacks.
Added better Hexa Zombie and Marine player sprites.
Added a pain state to the Legendary Annihilator along with a few pain attacks and heals.
Buffed the Legendary AK-47's damage.
Added full resistence to player for PlayerDevBall2, and PlayerDevTracer.
Added full resistence to player for PDTBFG, and PDTBFGTracer.
Added full resistence to player for LegendaryPlayer, and LegendaryGuruPlayer.
Added new damagetype LegendaryGuru for Leg BFG ball.
Added new damagetype PlayerExplosive, to explosive minigun.
Improved style of Leg death explosions. (and changed PainfulBlueKaboom to PainfulDeathKaboom)
Changed TLC's death explosions to do damage, same as other Leg death explosions.
Added flare effects to Leg death explosions.
Added new feature to prevent timefreeze activation during a timefreeze event.
Updated demo map, making demo monsters respawn 15sec after death.
Increased the True Legendary Cyber's stomp range to 450 from 350.
Nerfed the Legendary Baby Sentient, he won't become invinsible when spawning minions.
Fixed the spawner with the Freezer Behemoth.
Fixed the bug with the cvar lca_legmusic.
Fixed the sprites of the Legendary Commando's grenades.
Fixed Demon Tech Devastator's idle sound.
Fixed the sky changing while the True Legendary Cyberdemon is still alive.
Lowered the nuke fire chance of the Cardihilator to 1/256.
Fixed the Freezer Behemoth's spawn.
Optimized the nukes so less smoke spawns after the explosion in vanilla mode.
Fixed the True Legendary Cyber's spawn bug.
Fixed Cardihilator's offsets and fixed his Devastator attack.
Renamed Legendary Commando to Legendary Stealth Trooper.
Renamed Legendary Heavy Trooper to Legendary Commando.
Fixed the spawn protection.
Buffed Velocirator and gave him new sounds.
Buffed Legendary Fiend's melee damages and rage lunge damages.
Fixed the damage type of all Legendary Fiend's projectiles so they can't hurt other fiends anymore.
Fixed the damage type of all Legendary Behemoth's projectiles so they can't hurt other mancubus anymore.
Fixed the damage tType of all Legendary Revenant's projectiles so they can't hurt other revenants anymore.
Raised the delay of the Legendary Cyber Noble before he explodes when dying.
Buffed the Legendary Zombie and Legendary Assault Captain with a defense state.
Added the Legendary Annihilator and Cardinal to the Cyber spawns.
Reduced the scale of the Legendary Anni and Cyber to the normal Cyberdemons scale so they won't get stuck in normal maps.
Added +SEEKERMISSILE, +HEXENBOUNCE and +CANBOUNCEWATER for Legendary Redeemer's thunder ball.
Buffed the Legendary Annihilator.
Buffed the Legendary Sentient.
Reduced the Legendary Anni's hp to 7999 from 9999.
Made the Legendary Cyber Noble bright while unawake.
Changed Legendary Revenant's sounds and gave him boss flags.
Buffed the Legendary Cardinal.
Removed the purple smoke from the Phase Overlord.
Decreased Legendary Plasmatic Rifle monster and player damage by 10 and increased the speed by 20.
Added a new powerup the Legendary Power Sphere that will turn you into a Legendary Marine for 90 seconds(drop only from Legendary Cyber & Sentient).
Edited the pickup message of the Legendary Ammo Sphere and Legendary Time Freeze Sphere.
Edited the Legendary Sentient who will now drop Legendary Time Freeze instead of Legendary Ammo Sphere.
Improved the Legedary Time Freeze effects and reduced the delay to avoid lags.
Added +NOTIMEFREEZE to all Legendary monsters.
Edited the Legendary Redeemer's death attack.
Added new attacks and optimized the Legendary Behemoth.
Edited the key config so that Leg Weapons would always be the last one in the slot.
Made it so shooting the Freezer Rifle at a frozen enemy breaks them.
Changed Legendary Rune item to a weapon so Zandronum knows you always have it, undroppable unless you die.
Fixed taunts and sound issues for the Complex Doom Player.
Changed the Fake Legendary Redeemer's obituary.
Added Melee range of 84 for Legendary Fiend.
Increased Fake Legendary Redeemer's health.
Decreased Fake Legendary Redeemer's opacity.
Added 3 new attacks + Fake death ability for Legendary Revenant.
Increased melee damage for Legendary Revenant.
Added fake death ability for Legendary Revenant.
Added railgun attack for Legendary Revenant.
Added Melee range of 88 for Legendary Revenant.
Added +NOTIMEFREEZE for Legendary Revenant.
Adjusted behaviour, damage, and explosion radius of RevBall for Legendary Revenant.
Buffed damage of comet for Legendary Behemoth.
Added small explosion damage to death of Legendary Behemoth.
Increased speed of flames for Legendary Behemoth.
Added bouncing physics to flames for Legendary Behemoth.
Decreased ammo usage of Legendary Plasmatic Cannon.
Fixed the thunder spawner for Arcradimus.
Buffed the Legendary Cyberdemon.
Optimized Devastator effects. (Now supports cd_cl_vanillamode 1)
Devastator ball no longer pushes players.
Optimized Leg BFG ball.
Changed the obituary for the Legendary Fiend.
Fixed the alt hud positions of the Leg Cannon, Behe Cannon, and Freezer Rifle.
Changed/Fixed the obituary for the Legendary Redeemer.
Reduced Legendary Redeemer's scale to 1 from 1.15.
Reduced Legendary Redeemer's weapon drop rate to 190 from 228.
Fixed the key config for the Leg Cannon.
Made it so Legendary Rune's player smoke would be seen by players online.
Added player sprites for Legendary ASG, Cannon, BFG, Necronomicon, and Explosive Minigun.
Removed Legendary Rune from Imp and Fiend.
Buffed the Legendary Fiend.
Lowered Legendary Behe's healing chance.
Gave the Legendary Behemoth the ability to teleport.
Leg Rune now makes you immune to floor damage.
Made it so you can't pick up the Leg Rune more than once.
Gave the Legendary Fiend the ability to teleport.
Made the Legendary Cannon undroppable.
Increased Legendary Fiend's resistances.
Increased BFG Caco's spawn rate by one.
Added a Legendary Redeemer.  (Cacodemon I.I)
Increased the scale of the Leg Plasma Projectiles to 0.5 from 0.25.
Increased Legendary Assault Captain's hp to 1020 from 999.
Increased Legendary Fiend's hp to 1050 from 999.
Fixed the Legendary Rune's smoke on players online.
Redid the Legendary 10K Projectile Tracer.
Lowered Leg Cannon's rate of fire.
Redid Legendary Plasmatic Cannon sprites.
Made it so Legendary Imp can't harm other Imps.
Increased the damage for the Legendary Assault Captain.
Doubled the damage of the Legendary ASG.
Deleted the color palletts I accidently left in.
Fixed Legendary Fiend's damage factors.
Fixed the Legendary Cyber Noble's spawn.
Added gldefs to the Legendary Homing Rockets.
Fixed Legendary Cardinal and removed from the Cyber Spawner.
Lowered Legendary Cyber Noble's spawnrate in 1 from 4 and fixed an attack.
Removed IsMonster flag from Devastator ball.
Added animation for Freezer Rifle alt-fire.
Fixed Freezer Rifle alt-fire sound from infinite playback when ammo empty.
Changed the sprites for the Legendary Homing Rockets.
Added gldefs to the Guru Ball.
Added a Legendary Cyber Noble.
Changed the death animation for the Hexa-Shotgun Zombie.
Removed +FOILINVUL from the Devastator Bolt actors due to errors.
Fixed some sounds being cut off with the Leg Plasmatic Rifle.
Fixed the obituary for Leg Cyb's DTBFG and Devastator attack.
Made it so Legendary Cyb/Sent only teleport when doing Leg BFG when not in LOS.
Fixed Legendary Sentient's attacks from doing self damage.
Buffed the Leg HK's "Best Attack".
Possibly fixed a few bugs with the Leg Music scripts.
All Legendary Music is clientside now.
Made a console command to disable music from Legendary monsters and weapons.  (lca_legmusic = TRUE, lca_legweapmusic = TRUE)  (When = FALSE normal map music will be heard.)
Music is now compressed which lowers the pk3's overall size.
Made new Legendary Projectile sprites so they aren't just recolored DTR projectiles anymore.
Added a Legendary Cardinal.
Lowered Legendary Rifle drop rate from all monsters that don't use it.
Fixed Cerebral Cardinal's nuke attack cast.
Buffed the Legendary BFG for players and monsters.
Removed +CLIENTSIDEONLY from all LCA monster smokes.
Removed +NOTIMEFREEZE and +NOBLOCKMONST from the Cerebral Cardinal.
Lowered DT Devastator Zombie's pain chance to 45 from 55.
Lowered the Leg Plasma ammo satchel ammount to 15 from 25.
Added weapon icons in the right hand corner of the hud for the Freezer Rifle and Behemoth Cannon.
Added Legendary Rune Item to shown in HUD when you got it.
Added Smoke effect when you have Legendary Rune, so players can see who already got a rune easily.
Made Legendary Cyber drop the Leg ASG at a 100/256 change.
Added a Legendary Assault Shotgun.
Added a Legendary Assault Captain.
Lowered Legendary Cyber's Leg ASG range to 300 from 450.
Gave +NOTARGET to all remaining Legendary enemies that didn't have it.
Added a Legendary Time Sphere.
Added a Legendary Plasmatic Cannon.
Added a Legendary Fiend.  (Pinky)
Added a Legendary Behemoth.
Fixed the damage on Leg Cyber's Leg ASG attack and added blue tracers and a reload after 16 shots are fired.
Removed the purple smoke from Phase Overlord while invisible.
Fixed Velocirator's resurrection radius and gave it the ability to heal itself.
Added a green light effect to the Velocirator.
Lowered BFG Caco's weapon drop rate to 90 from 190.
Lowered DTDevastator's weapon drop rate to 65 from 70.
Lowered Hexa-Shotgunner's Hexa-Shotgun drop rate to 100 from 120.
Added floor lights to all Leg enemies.
Lowered Leg Zombie's pain chance by 50%.
Made Behemoth Cannon bright while firing.
Made the BFG10K General less accurate.
Reduced the Legendary Ultrasphere spawn rate to 3 from 5.
Heavily reduced the spawn rate of Legendary Sphere and Armor.
Heavily reduced the drop rate of the Legendary Rune from Zombie and Imp.
Gave Legendary Imp the ability to teleport.
Changed Legendary Zombie's sounds and gave him boss flags.
Changed Legendary Imp's sounds and gave him boss flags.
Fixed Freezer Zombie's freeze thrower attack damage towards players.
Fixed Legendary HK's spread ball attack.
Added a Cydestroyer.
Changed Freezer Zombie's freeze thrower attack sounds.
Buffed the Legendary Annihilator.
Fixed the DT Devastator's friendly fire.
Added the gold smoke effect to Leg Cyb, Anni, and Sentient while not awoken.
Increased the amount of gold smoke Legendary Imp has while flying.
Decreased Legendary Imp's charge attack cast rate by half.
Increased the gold smoke amount for Leg Imp and Zombie while inactive.
Changed the gold smoke for Legendary Items also.
Buffed the Legendary Cyberdemon.
Adjusted the Legendary Cyber, Anni, and Sentient's flame spawner.
Redid the gold smoke for all Legendary Enemies.
Redid Velocirator's green smoke and changed his brightness.
Fixed the Legendary Sphere flames not showing up in certain areas.
Gave all LCA enemies a doom id number.
Reduced Legendary Zombie's weapon drop rate to 155 from 255.
Made all Legendary Monsters with the gold aura always bright.
Removed the Cerebral Cardinal from the Cyber's spawner since he caused bugs since he's too big for some areas.
Fixed BFG Caco's BFG ball damage and FF.
Changed DT Devastator's color to silver.
Fixed Explosive Minigun's firing sound.
Fixed Freezer Rifle's projectiles so they now go through players.
Removed +RIPPER from all Legendary Projectiles.
Changed the player skin for the Freezer Rifle.
Made the Cereb Card's 10K attack more like the Cereb Card's DTBFG attack.
Gave Freezer Rifle an alt fire freeze thrower attack.
Made it so Freezer Rifle uses 1 cell instead of 2 per shot.
Fixed all LCA monster dropped ammo/health amount.
Changed Freezer Rifle's sprites and coding.
Fixed bug where player Leg Projectiles wouldn't go through players.
Fixed the Legendary Projectile's explosion effect.
Fixed Leg Cyb and Sentient 10K and 15K projectile glitch.
Changed Freezer Zombie's sprites and coding.
Gave Freezer Rifle a weapon selection sound.
Put the Leg Plasma Rifle directly after the DTR for key config options.
Fixed Leg BFG's ammo position on the hud.
Changed Explosive Minigun's sprites.
Made it so the Cerebral Cardinal could only fire his nuke once.
Updated the sub bar info so it now displays Leg Ammo.
Added spawn protection since some LCA and Complex spawns can be instant death sometimes.
Added a Leg Plasmatic Rifle player skin.
Added a kicking animation for melee.
Changed the Leg Armor sprites.
Increased the DT Devastator ammo use per shot and weapon pickup ammo to 150 from 120.
Fixed a few damage issues with the DT Devastator Ball.
Fixed the DT Devastator Zombie's obituary.
Reduced weapon drop rate from DT Devastator Zombie by 10.
Buffed the Demon Tech Devastator while adding more effects.
Gave the Cerebral Cardinal 45% resist to everything.
Increased the drop rate of the Behemoth Cannon from the Behemoth.
Lowered the drop rate of the Explosive Minigun from the Baby Sentient.
Buffed a few attacks for the Leg Cyber, Leg Anni, and Leg Sentient.
Reduced/fixed the spawn rates for the Leg Cyber, Leg Sentient, and Phase Overlord.
Nerfed/improved Eraser Zombie's firing and firing speed.
Added a Demon Tech Devastator BFG.
Added a Demon Tech Devastator Zombie.
Added +NODROPOFF to Leg Rev so he wont fall off ledges.
Fixed Legendary Zombie's friendly fire bug.
Added the Legendary Ammo Sphere in the Legendary Revenant's loot 88/256 chance(like Legendary Zombie).
Lowered the chance for the Legendary Revenant to drop the Legendary Rune from 128 to 100.
Removed the Legendary Sphere from the Legendary Revenant's loot and raised the chances of the Legendary Armor.
Removed the Legendary Armor from Legendary Hell Knight's loot and raised the chances of the Legendary Sphere.
Changed the "BlueComet" attack of the Legendary Hell Knight to fit more.
Reduced the damage of the "LegNobleBall" since he shoots 8 of them instead of 2 now.
Gave the Velocirator a set of all new attacks.
Added a Cerebral Cardinal.
Changed Legendary Sentient's obituary.
Added the +NOTIMEFREEZE flag to all Legendary monsters.
Changed Explosive Minigun's pickup message.
Fixed a few pixels on the Hexa-Shotgun.
Improved Legendary Zombie's AI.
Gave the Legendary Sentient 2 new attacks.
Lowered Leg Rune drop rate from Imp and Zombie by 10.
Fixed the Arcradimus minion spawners bug.
Buffed the Legendary Runes resistance up to 25% from 15%.
Adjusted Leg Imp's seeker projectile angles and added another attack frame rotation.
Lowered Legendary Rev's spawnrate by 2.
Added effects to Legendary Imp's charge attack.
Buffed and nerfed Legendary Revenant and added projectile lighting for his attacks.
Reduced Hexa-Shotgun Zombie's health by 2 and weapon drop rate by 3.
Renamed Legendary Noble to Legendary Hell Knight since he was meant to be a Hell Knight from the beginning.
Fixed Legendary Anni's obituary.
Increased Legendary Rune's drop rate from Zombie to 45 and imp to 40.
Increased Hexa-Shotgun Zombie's spawnrate by 1.
Removed the color palettes from the pk3 due to them messing up other wads and converted every image to png truecolor so all sprites can be viewed without slade.
Fixed Legendary Imp's Boss Armor and Health sphere health amount.
Added the Legendary rune back to the Leg Zombie at a 30/256 chance and Imp at 25/256.
Reduced Legendary Rune's resistance to 15% from 50% due to how overpowered it was.
Fixed Legendary Projectile damage.  (It did 0 to the player on all monsters using the rifle.)
Fixed the BFG10K General's 10K projectile 3D model.
Added the anti-greed explosion to Legendary Sentient.  (I didn't forget this time c:)
Decreased Legendary Imp's spawnrate a little.
Decreased Legendary Rev's spawnrate.
Fixed most of the startup error messages while running Complex with LCA.
Gave monsters that dropped the Legendary Rune +NORADIUSDMG.
Added "toaster" effects for the majority of things in LCA which makes more things compatible for the vanilla mode option.
Fixed the projectile explosion light for the Explosive Minigun.
Fixed the speed on all monster Legendary plasma projectiles.
Fixed the lighting on all monster Legendary plasma projectiles.
Added a Legendary Sentient.
Gave Phase Overlord another comet for his comet attack.
Gave Legendary Noble another attack.
Lowered Freezer Zombie's rate of fire so it could match the rifle's fire speed.
Added a hit obituary for the Legendary Noble.
Added obituarys for all LCA weapons.
Added a Behemoth Cannon player skin.
Added a Freezer Rifle player skin.
Added a Hexa-Shotgun player skin.
Added a Hexa-Shotgun weapon.
Added a Hexa-Shotgun Zombie.
Added gold smoke/fire to Leg Cyb while teleporting.
Gave Legendary Cyber the ability to teleport in the pain state and increased his heal to 350 from 250.
Added Legendary Ammo Sphere to Legendary Cyber's drops.
Buffed/Fixied the Legendary Armor.
Fixed Legendary Noble's Height.
Buffed the Advanced Necronomicon.
Edited Leg Anni's face target for his final stand attack.
Gave Legendary Annihilator drops just in case I decide to ever add him to the monster rotation.
Added a Legendary Revenant due to high requests and not having any other LCA revenant versions.
Fixed the Ammo Pack ammo glitch for Legendary Guns.
Added new sounds for the Legendary Noble.
Fixed some punctuation errors in LCA monster's obituarys.
Added a new inventory powerup that gives you infinite ammo for a short amount of time and a backpack, called the LegendaryAmmoSphere that drops from the Legendary Zombie at a 88/256 chance.
Added another invasion boss for later use, Arcradimus.  You can summon him in console by typing "Summon Arcradimus".
Edited Legendary Noble's sprites to make him look more like a Hell Knight.
Gave Behemoth Cannon an alt fire with seeking projectiles.
Renamed Legendary Hell Noble to just Legendary Noble.
Reduced Legendary Cyber's spawnrate by 1.
Edited BFG10K General's spawn decorate a little.
Edited Eraser Zombie's position after shooting.
Gave Legendary Cyberdemon a gold DTBFG attack.
Removed Legendary Rune from Imp and Zombie due to protection being fixed and Leg Armor buff.
Fixed Legendary Rune's protection.
Succeeded in Fixing the Explosive Minigun's tracer size and the actual tracer.
Added a body crash sound to every LCA zombie.
Added footstep sounds to all LCA zombies.
Added footstep sounds to Legendary Noble while it's rushing.
Added footstep sounds and purple walking fire to Phase Overlord.
Edited flags on a few more monsters.
Gave Phase Overlord +QUICKTORETALIATE.
Slightly adjusted the BFG10K General's accuracy.
Fixed Phase Overlord's normal attack positions.
Slightly increased Legendary Cyber's spawnrate.
Fixed all projectile positions on Legendary Cyber.
Changed Legendary Cyber's doomdun.
Edited Legendary Cyber's weight.
Fixed/Buffed the Leg Noble.
Fixed Legendary Imp's melee.
Fixed BFG Caco's melee sound.
Fixed Phase Overlords melee.
Changed the color of Leg Cyb's fire/smoke while charging up for his Leg Rifle shots.
Added sounds for Leg Cyb's LegBFG attack fire.
Edited Legendary Cyber's attack chances.
Added more versions and updates for lca in this readme.
Adjusted Legendary Noble's Hitbox.
Added a Legendary Annihilator.  (Only for invasion but can still be summoned using the console.)
Gave Legendary Cyberdemon a speed increase.
Gave Legendary Noble BFG resistance.
Gave Legendary Cyberdemon BFG resistance.
Added healing and pain missiles to Legendary Cyber.
Increased BFG10K and DTBFG drop rates from their zombies.
Lowered Legendary Cybers chance at casting his Leg BFG attack.
Added +PIERCEARMOR to Legendary Cyberdemon.
Legendary Cyber now teleports before doing his Leg BFG attack and his third railgun shot.
Actually fixed the Explosive Minigun's tracer size this time.
Gave all other Legendary monsters 75% resistance to DTBFG shots.
Reduced Legendary Cyberdemon's final explosion blast radius size.
Removed dodging from Legendary Imp's seeker attack since it made it too inaccurate.
Also Removed +RIPPER from Legendary Zombie since he's already strong enough and rifle doesn't have +RIPPER anymore.
Removed +RIPPER from the Legendary Rifle since it made it too op.
Fixed BFG10K General's back breathing sprites.
Gave Legendary Cyberdemon the teleportation ability.
Legendary Cyberdemon now has a triple railgun attack.
Slightly reduced Phase Overlord's spawn rate.
Redid Phase Overlord's decorate.
Gave the Phase Overlord more attacks.
Gave the Legendary Imp another attack.
Increased Velocirator's spawn rate by 1 and decreased its health by 50.
Increased the comet amount Leg Noble has but decreased comet rain's attack chance.
Changed Legendary Noble's position when casting the comet storm.
Fixed the Hell Knight summoner for Legendary Noble.
Decreased Explosive Minigun tracer size a little more.
Fixed Legendary Cyber's death animation.
Increased Legendary Sphere+Armor drop rate from Legendary Noble.
Fixed Legendary Hell Noble's projectile glitching.
Changed FreezerRifle's explosion effect.
Slightly edited a few pixels on Legendary Cyber's breathing.
Cleaned up the messy pixels on Phase Overlords breathing animation.
Gave Velocirator more hp so that he can now be a tier 4 vile instead of how he was 3 previously.
Reduced Velocirator's Spawnrate so that it is now half of the DarkHellion's instead of 1 more.
Added +RIPPER to player Legendary Rifle projectiles.  (Meant to do that a while ago since Leg Zombie always had it.)
Fixed Legendary monster resistance so that all Legendary guns deal 0 damage.
Removed the Freezer Rifle's decals.
Credits update.
Fixed a few music errors with Legendary enemies.
Reduced Eraser Zombie's DTBFG Drop rate to 65 from 85.
Changed / Improved Legendary Zombie's sprites to make them more original.
Added / made a brand new zombie, the BFG10K General.  (I plan on making a vanilla version of him and hopefully getting him on realm667 for everyone to use if they'll take him.)
Changed BFG Caco's blood color and death blood sprites along with the gibs.
Heavily organized and cleaned up the entire LCA pk3.
Added a new monster to the Hell Knight's category, the Legendary Hell Noble.
Decreased Legendary Cyber's spawnrate by a bit.
Fixed Cyber and Player GuruSphereSmoke aftermath damage online.
Fixed the Explosive Minigun's tracer size.
Few readme changes.
Changed Legendary Rifle's idle, weapon selection, and pickup sounds.
Phase Overlord now shoots 3 comets instead of 1.
Heavily increased Freezer Rifle's projectile speed.
Legendary Cyber says: NO MORE GREED!  (Not literally you nitwit.)
Legendary Cardinal's sprites are at the bottom of the sprites folder for a sneak peak while I continue to work on him.  :)
Changed Legendary Cyber's breathing and default standing animation.
Fixed Legendary Cyber's rush animation.
Fixed asg's empty clip once picking it up.
More text changes.
Streamlined the code for the Necronomicon.
Necronomicon can now recall the strongest minion from a previous map.
Necronomicon now re-tries to raise a body if it failed because something was standing on it.
Visual indication (green fire) for Necronomicon curse damage.
Halved the ammo usage for the Necronomicon from 20 to 10.
Removed the 40 second idle time from Legendary Imp's music.
Changed Legendary UltraSphere's Idle sounds.
Slightly cleaned up the readme a little more.
Fixed Legendary UltraSphere's sound looping after being picked up.
Gave Legendary enemies nearly 100% resistance to Legendary weapons and 25% to everything else.
Changed Legendary UltraSphere's pickup message.
Freezer Rifle projectiles no longer collide with players.
Behemoth Cannon projectiles now go through players also.
Fixed Explosive Minigun player collision.
Edited the Legendary music acs file.
Legendary Imp now has wings and can fly and dodge!  Prepare your anus!
The Advanced Necronomicon now places a curse which periodically affects the marked enemies. It has a chance to inflict harm and the mark changes colors indicate the current curse state.
Blue: slow;
Yellow: frightened;
Purple: confused;
Green: currently not affected, and as with all the other states, the enemy will be raised as friendly once it dies;
The Advanced Necronomicon can rapid-cast up to 3 times by holding left click. Note: right click summons your minions to your position!
Fixed bug causing players to not go through friendly monsters.
Fixed the Legendary UltraSphere's Respawn bug.
A few minor text changes.
Added a little note about using the contents of this mod for anything and other information.
Removed Legendary Sphere and Armor from Legendary Cyber's drop list.
Added the Legendary UltraSphere to Legendary Cyber's drops.
Possibly fixed the Legendary rune's protection sound online.
Possibly fixed the asg's reload glitch.
Fixed the BFG Caco's ghost size.
Fixed the Cacodemon spawner. (Woops! Made it so no regular cacos spawned, so sorry.)
Reduced Backpack Legendary ammo amount to 50 instead of 100.
Reduced Ammo Satchel Legendary ammo amount from 50 to 25.
Changed the Legendary Sphere idle sound back to it's original sounds.
Added a Legendary UltraSphere.
Fixed the smoke coming off of lca enemies.
Reduced Legendary Rune drop rate from 150 to 100 from Leg Zombie and Imp.
Fixed the normal Archvile's death sounds.
More changes to the Advanced Necronomicon.  you now have to aim and shoot a monster with the book for it to be close to friendly.  After you kill it, it will resurrect with a friend mark over its head.
Increased Baby Sentient Explosive Minigun drop rate to 150 from 95 and Sentient's to 200 from 100.
Reduced Rune drop rate's from Leg Imp and Zombie to 150 from 195.
Increased Rune drop rate from Legendary Cyber from 195 to 200.
Gave Legendary rune to Leg Cyber, Imp, and Zombie.
Added the Legendary rune to monster drops.
Changed a huge variety of sounds.
Changed the Green-Archvile (Velocirator) sounds.
Changed the Legendary Sphere sounds. (Active, idle and pickup)
Changed the Legendary Armor Pick-Up sound.
Added a few sounds for some weapons. (Raise state = Behemoth Cannon, Legendary BFG)
Changed the Explosive Minigun sounds. (Spin state only)
Legendary Zombie now drops the Strength Rune instead of Rage Rune.
Legendary Cyber now drops the Resistance Rune instead of Spread Rune.
Compatibility update.
Replaced HellArchonLCA with HellKnightLCA.
Added BaronOfHell and HellKnight to Advanced Necronomicon.
Reduced Legendary Cyber's spawnrate by 2.
Fixed the Cacodemon's spawn bug.
Increased Legendary Cyber's resistance to Player DTBFG shots to 95%.
Increased Legendary Cyber's resistance to Legendary weapons to nearly 100%.
Fixed the acs loader. (please... it's 5:46 am and I haven't gotten any sleep yet.)
Readded the Advanced Necronomicon.
Added Strathos to the credits.
Fixed the Advanced Necronomicon bug.
Temporarily removed the Advanced Necronomicon due to a major bug.
Also increased Advanced Necronomicon's player friendly spawn limit from 32 players to 64.
Strathos Accidently removed the monster spawns so I added them back in this version! (Big mistake!!!!)
Fixed the acs script for the Advanced Necronomicon.
Reduced the Velocirator's Advanced Necronomicon droprate from 195 to 180.
Renamed Book of Healing to Advanced Necronomicon.
Fixed the Legendary Rifle drop from Leg Cyber.
Changed Legendary Cyber's Mass to 9999 from 1000.
Decreased Legendary Cyber's Leg Rifle charge up time slightly.
Added a different laughing sound to Legendary Cyber's Leg Rifle attack.
Reduced Legendary Cyber's painchange from 15 to 1.
Added a BFG15K attack to Legendary Cyber.
Added a 360° stomp attack to Legendary Cyber.
Increased Legendary Cyber's BFG10K attack speed a little.
Raised monsters can be recalled with the Book of Healing alt fire.
Friendly monsters now have an icon above their head so players know they're friendly.
Also added a delay of 5 shots to Legendary Rifle before music starts to prevent music spamming.
Legendary Rifle music now only plays after you shoot the rifle.
Removed Legendary Pistols due to how unfinished they are.
Fixed the full screen hud ammo not showing up for lca guns.
Added a speed state to Legendary Cyber.
Added an Explosive Minigun weapon to slot 4 that is dropped from the baby sentient and cerebral sentient.
Added a Legendary Rune but isn't in use yet due to it disapearing after the map ends.
Added the behemoth cannon to slot 5 that is dropped by the behemoth.
Slightly increased Freezer Rifle damage to 12 from 10 due to fire rate decrease.
Smoothed Freer Rifle a bit and added a new firing sound.
Added blue lighting to Legendary Imp's first attack.
Added an explosion decal to Legendary Imp's second attack.
Added decals and lighting to the Eraser Zombie's DTBFG Ball.
Added decals and lighting to the Velocirator's BFG ball attack.
Reduced Velocirator's BFG15K speed to 35 from 50
Added lights to Legendary Cyber's rockets.
Added an decal effect to Phase Overlord's comet.
Fixed the Lighting issue where the normal Archon comet had purple lighting.
Fixed the Legendary Projectile lighting.
Added explosion decals to both Legendary rocket types.
Improved Legendary Cyber's attack casting chance so it can cast all attacks more often.
Increased Legendary homing rocket damage to 15 from 12.
Fixed Legendary Cyber's position when charging for his Leg plasma rifle shots.
Removed resurrectabiliy from the BFG Caco.
Reduced Legendary Cyber's spawn rate a little more due to extra attacks.
Gave Legendary Cyber 3 more attacks including BFG9K, BFG10K, and a Railgun.
Also Removed Resurrection from Eraser Zombie and Phase Overlord due to item "cheesing".
Patched the Legendary monster resurrecting again.  (People will just have to deal with them infighting their same species, for now it's either one or the other.)
Fixed lca monster infights with same species.
Added a Freezer Zombie that replaces chaingunners at a low chance and a Freezer rifle he also drops at a low chance.
Forgot the e in glitches above. (Woops!!!!)
Fixed Phase Overlord's death animation glitch.
Fixed the Legendary Sphere+Armor respawn glitch. (Once and for all!)
Legendary Rifle Music can't be heard till all Legendary enemies are dead or not awake.
Lca is now mop compatible for anyone who wants to make it.
Fixed the Legendary music switching when 2 or more different Legendary enemies spawned.
Fixed Eraser Zombie's last death animation.
Improved Legendary Cyber's death animation.
Fixed Legendary Cyber's same species infighting.
Added green gibs to the Velocirator Vile's death sequence.
Added purple gibs to Phase Overlord's second death sequence.
Added green gibs to BFG Caco's death sequence.
Added my asg ammo buff wad to lca.
Finally fixed Legendary Armor+Sphere respawn. (Hopefully, since it worked on my personal doomseeker server)
Added Gibs to Eraser Zombie's second death sequence.
Fixed Eraser Zombie's second death frames.
Fixed Eraser Zombie's breathing pose 1.
Decreased Legendary Imp's spawnrate a little more.
Fixed Legendary Imp's breathing effect.
Fixed PhaseOverlord's eye color while attacking.
Fixed walking animations of lca monsters with the breathing effect.
Fixed Legendary Armor+Sphere respawn glitch. (I think)
Added spreadrune drop to Legendary Cyber.
Players and viles can no longer resurrect Legendary monsters.
Removed the +BOSS flag from PhaseOverlord.
Fixed Legendary Cyber's breathing speed.
Added breathing animations to most lca monsters.
Fixed some spawner issues for Complex version 26a.
Lowered Legendary Cyber's spawn rate a little more.
Removed Legendary Imp's 100% resistance to Legendary projectiles. (was an accident anyways, lol)
Increased Legendary Zombie's painchance to 50 instead of 15.
Changed all of the Legendary Zombie's blood to blue.
Fixed Legendary Cyber's rocket explosion effect.
Added blue gibs to Legendary Imp.
Increased Sphere and Armor drop rate back to 85 for Leg Imp and Zombie.
Added Legendary Pistols. (But not in use yet)
Cleaned up a bit SNDINFO and The Readme.
Made a new ammo type for the Legendary Pistols.
Changed some stuff on Legendary Imp.
Added a new Legendary Cyber death explosion.
Changed Legendary Imp's music.
Deleted Legendary Armor from Legendary Imp.
Deleted Legendary Sphere from Legendary Zombie.
Reduced drop rates on both by 10.
Fixed glitch where music still playes after gibbing a Legendary enemy.
Added Legendary Sphere and Armor to all Legendary monsters at a low drop rate.
Added a Legendary Sphere and Legendary Armor.
Added a megasphere drop to legendary cyber at 150/255 rate.
Rescaled Legendary Cyberdemon so he can fit in more areas.
Added better Legendary Rifle sprites.
Fixed bug where ammo satchel wouldn't refil Legendary ammo.
Increased Legendary Ammo to 800 max and 400 without backpack.
Added Legendary BFG.
Added Legendary Cyberdemon.
Heavily reduced the spawnrate of the Phase Overlord.
Lowered Velocirator's fire rate and projectile count for its bfg attack.
Renamed DTBFG10kzombie to Eraser Zombie
Nerfed bfg caco's fire rate some more.
Added more/too many drops to list for nearly all custom monsters.
Added a DemonTechBFG10k Zombie.  (Don't worry! His spawn rate is by far less than the legendary zombie's!)
Nerfed BFG Caco's fire rate and edited shooting animation.
Fixed Legendary Zombie's resurrection and gibbing animation.
Increased bfg drop from bfg caco to 190 from 32.
Increased Velocirator spawn rate to 6.
Decreased Legendary Zombie spawnrate, removed him from shotgunner category.
Increaced Velocirator spawn rate to 4 from 3.
Reduced Book of Healing's ammo usage from 50 and 60 to 5 and 10.
Reduced Velocirator's health to 950
Reduced phase baron's health to 1650 instead of 2100
Fixed legendary guns ammo.
Added Book of Healing, basically the necronomicon book to resurrect the dead.
Nothing except making work with 25a3, took 5 min to do
Nothing or not listed.
Nothing or not listed.
Stuff that I don't feel like typing right now.  (I'll do it later if i remember.)

Older Versions
Fixed the Legendary Imp's invulnerability during super attack.
Renamed Legendary Rifle and cells.
Added better Legendary Zombie sprites.
Increased rage rune drop rate from Legendary Zombie.
Increased Backpack drop rate from Legendary Zombie.
Added a Legendary Imp.
Increased reflex time for Legendary Zombie.
Fixed a few hud issues with complex version 25d4.
Lowered Velocirator's BFG projectile count.
Reduced Legendary Cyber's spawrate some more.
Buffed Legendary BFG Ball damage.
Cleaned up the readme.
Reduced Velocirator's spawn rate by 1.
Reduced Book of Healing's drop rate from vile.
Slightly increased Velocirator's health.
Decreased Legendary Rifle drop rate from cyber.
Increased Legendary Cyber's normal rocket speed and size slightly.
Decreased Legendary Cyber's homing missile speed for more accuracy.
Decreased Legendary ammo max ammount to 500 instead of 800 and min ammount to 250 instead of 400.
Lowered Legendary BFG attack to 100 ammo per shot.
Nerfed Velocitators BFG attack damage but increased blast radius.
Reduced Legendary Cyber's health to 6999.
Reduced and increased Legendary Cyber's spawnrate.
Increased Legendary Cyber's aggressiveness again.
Increased Legendary Cyber's homing missile speed.
Fixed Eraser Zombie's obituary.
Reduced Legendary Cyber's health to 7999 instead of 9999.
Fixed Cyber's self damage (again).
Increased Legendary Cybers health to 9999 from 5999.
Added seperate resistance to legendary guns for Legendary Cyber (0.25 resistance).
Increased Legendary BFG's damage and added tracers.
Reduced Legendary Cyber's resistance to 0.50 from 0.1.
Added heavy resistance for all projectiles to Legendary Cyberdemon.
Decreased Eraser Zombie's spawn rate by 1.
Replaced Legendary Zombie's spreadrune with ragerune for balance purposes.
Slightly Increased Eraser Zombies spawn rate.
EraserZombie doesn't have self damage anymore.
Velocirator now has a charge up sound and charge up time before firing bfg shots.
Fixed Velocirators self damage.
Decreased Legendary Zombie spawnrate.
Increased Legendary Cybers spawn just a little more but still less than cardinal.
Increased cybers spawn rate by a little.
Added small cooldown time after cyber shoots legendary bfg.
Added a short cooldown sound and time after cyber fires legendary rounds.
Fixed brightness on legendary cyberdemon.
Fixed bug where legendary cyber would appear hurt after firing a legendary bfg shot.
Fixed aggressiveness of the legendary cyber.
Fixed some monsters friendly fire towards same species.
Fixed cybers self damage.
Rescaled Cyber again to 1.1 instead of 1.3.
Added a megasphere drop to legendary cyber at 150/255 rate.
Rescaled Legendary Cyberdemon so he can fit in more areas.
Added better Legendary Rifle sprites.
Fixed bug where ammo satchel wouldn't refil Legendary ammo.
Increased Legendary Ammo to 800 max and 400 without backpack.
Added Legendary BFG.
Added Legendary Cyberdemon.
Heavily reduced the spawnrate of the Phase Overlord.
Lowered Velocirator's fire rate and projectile count for its bfg attack.
Renamed DTBFG10kzombie to Eraser Zombie
Nerfed bfg caco's fire rate some more.
Added more/too many drops to list for nearly all custom monsters.
Added a DemonTechBFG10k Zombie.  (Don't worry! His spawn rate is by far less than the legendary zombie's!)
Nerfed BFG Caco's fire rate and edited shooting animation.
Fixed Legendary Zombie's resurrection and gibbing animation.
Increased bfg drop from bfg caco to 190 from 32.
Increased Velocirator spawn rate to 6.
Decreased Legendary Zombie spawnrate, removed him from shotgunner category.
Increaced Velocirator spawn rate to 4 from 3.
Reduced Book of Healing's ammo usage from 50 and 60 to 5 and 10.
Reduced Velocirator's health to 950
Reduced phase baron's health to 1650 instead of 2100
Fixed legendary guns ammo.
Added Book of Healing, basically the necronomicon book to resurrect the dead.
Nothing except making work with 25a3, took 5 min to do
but didn't upload until next day due to school work.
Lowered Leg Rifle projectile speed from 50 to 40.
Lowered LDemonAmmo drop rate from 255 to 200.
Lowered Leg Rifle drop rate from 255 to 180.
Another LegZombie nerf, 50dmg to 35dmg.
Nerfed LegendaryZombie again, 1300hp to 999hp.
Removed BossLifeEssence from phaseoverlord. (spawned 2 of anything I replaced with)
Nerfed BFG Cacodemon fire rate.
Fixed Grenade and Mine throwing for Rifle of Legends.
Fixed Rifle of Legends sprite. (minor fix)
BFG Caco speed nerf.
Lowered Phase Overlord's spawn rate.
Nerfed BFG Caco's health to 700 instead of 820.
Added a new vile.
Lowered BFG Caco's spawn rate.
Fixed BFG Caco's eye sprites.
No more Legendary Zombie 1 hit kills.(I think.)
Fixed explosion when shooting rifle of legends.
Added in empty clip drop when reloading.
Phase baron added.
Legendary Zombie added.
Legendary Zombie health reduced to 1300 instead
of 1500.
Fixed the phase overlord's archon ball explosion
color from red to purple.
Added a BFG Cacodemon with a rare spawn rate.

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Re: Complex Doom: LCA (Legendary Complex Addon)

Post by DoomJoshuaBoy » Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:17

good to see you again man. hope you'll continue on this.

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Re: Complex Doom: LCA (Legendary Complex Addon)

Post by Legendary » Sun Aug 20, 2017 16:35

DoomJoshuaBoy wrote:
Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:17
good to see you again man. hope you'll continue on this.
Thanks man, you too. I will, I have a decent amount of things planned but it might take a while.

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