[FOSS] PowerShell Compact-Archive Tool

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[FOSS] PowerShell Compact-Archive Tool

Post by Tiger » Sat Oct 30, 2021 16:47


About PowerShell Compact-Archive Tool
The PowerShell Compact-Archive Tool is a front-end tool that empowers the users to expeditiously compile their favorite ZDoom based mods from their respective repositories. While using this tool, the user can freely customize their settings that works for all possible projects -- no more needing to reconfigure their settings for multiple projects when instead their settings can be centralized. The user can save time and easily get their favorite project's compiled into their preferred compressed archive files. Further, this program allows the user to compile their favorite projects into either: PK3 (ZIP Format) or PK7 (7Zip Format). With this ability, the user can choose their preferred compression tool and the settings that come with the tool. additionally, this front-end tool supports Git-SCM functionality. Such features available, when using Git, are to update the project's assets that are stored locally on the user's system, as well as retrieving a changelog history for reference. Moreover, these options and more - are completely customizable to the user. Each setting and functionality is fully changeable within the Settings Menu of the program and are retained when the user returns back to the program.

Key Features of the PowerShell Compact-Archive Tool
  1. Automatically Updates the project's resources locally on your system, using Git's functionality.
  2. Compiles the project's assets from a standard source into ZDoom's PK3 or PK7 standard structure.
  3. Allows the ability to customize the archive data file attributes and compression level.
  4. Thoroughly verify the compiled file for potential issues.
  5. Capable of compiling developmental builds, to help differentiate between standard builds and development builds.
  6. Ability to generate reports of the project's repository and\or the compiled build.
  7. Simple integrations with the Windows Operating System environment.
  8. Using PowerShell Core's modern technologies and functionalities.

Version Release Notes
  • Release Tag: v1.0.0-Beta
  • Release Date: 30.October.2021
Features in this Release (BETA)
  • Compiles the user's desired projects.
  • Maintaining the user's settings within a roaming profile.
  • Capable of running and using Microsoft Windows functionalities.
  • Supports Git's functionalities, such as:
    • Updating the local repository
    • Pulling information about a specific repository.
    • Retrieving Logs
    • Ability to retrieve the local repository's branch SHA
  • Generates internal logfiles for inspecting the program's health and how it operates. Useful if something were to go horribly wrong.
  • Generates reports for:
    • Archive datafile
      • Provides basic information regarding the archive file
      • Provides Hash information for validations
      • Provides information as to what contents are within the compressed archive data file.
    • Local repository
      • Provides basic project information regarding the project.
      • Provides a list of those that contributed to the project.
      • Displays a list of available branches within the repository.
      • Provides an overview list of commits.
  • Capable of using the internal dotNET Core framework to compile builds
    • Only PK3 is supported
  • Capable of using, if detected, 7Zip to compile builds.
    • Supported archive types:
  • Ability to test the archive datafile's health and integrity.

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