Demonic Minds Weapon Mod

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Re: Demonic Minds Weapon Mod

Post by PeskySaurus » Sun Dec 19, 2010 5:45

I have two questions.

1. The Tactical Handgun is from Duke Nukem 3D right? Or at least inspired?

2. How do you make sprites that look fitting to Doom like that? Is it digitally drawn pixel by pixel or what?
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Re: Demonic Minds Weapon Mod

Post by Neccronixis » Sun Dec 19, 2010 7:31

I think that the tactical handgun is from a Duke Nukem 3d mod or the 64 version, again its not mine so credits go to 3d realms. I actually used that handgun from a mod called Zero Tolerance.

For sprites like the shotgun, that is from the fps banana website. When I do use weapons from there all I do is zoom out on a screenshot of the weapon, then i print the screen, then just take it to paint and mod it from there. If I want to resize a sprite, i use GIMP so it doesn't distort it.
That's how I do it, there are probably other ways of doing it that are more efficient. The blue plasma cannon in my previous sprite posts was done the same way as the shotgun.

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