gzDoom -:- Hi-Res Old School Atmosphere for Classic WADs

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gzDoom -:- Hi-Res Old School Atmosphere for Classic WADs

Post by Just_Jim » Tue Oct 16, 2012 22:58

gzDoom -:- Hi-Res Textures, many Models, Enhanced Textures and Sprites for some Exceptional WADs


Doom and Doom II

These Doom WADs so far

Operation - Arctic Wolf
Scythe 2
Wolf 3D - The Original Missions
Wolf 3D - The Nocturnal Missions
Wolf 3D - Spear of Destiny
Star Wars - Darkest Hour and Dawn
Doom Raider - Crypt of the Vile (full version) "Warning: this is bloated with unused textures"

The gzDoom engine supports Hi-Res display but the PWAD Textures just do not have enough information so the onscreen image is pixelated and blurry with washed out colors.

The downloads for Doom, Doom II, and Heretic are what you would expect for High Resolution graphics and Models, a modern visual with clean lines and detail.

For "Operation - Arctic Wolf" through "Doom Raider - Crypt of the Vile (full version)" the textures, flats, graphics, and sprites are not Modern High Resolution. They are not pixelated and blurry. They are Old-School PNG Images with rich color and atmosphere. If you see one of your favorite - try it out.

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Re: gzDoom -:- Hi-Res Old School Atmosphere for Classic WADs

Post by Just_Jim » Wed Oct 17, 2012 17:16

Well, the folks at DoomWorld Forum commented and ripped this effort to sheard - with good reason.

So, I will repost my reply here:

"Thanks for the Feedback -

Any constructive advice to eliminate pixelation and blur apart from drawing all the graphics from scratch?


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Re: gzDoom -:- Hi-Res Old School Atmosphere for Classic WADs

Post by Enjay » Thu Oct 18, 2012 1:45

I've just realised that I've been to your site loads of times for the Quake2 texture stuff. I found it a very useful resource for getting Quake2 set up on my system.

Hi-res textures and models in Doom are a bit of a thorny issue and much blood has been spilled discussing them on forums. A few people love 'em, far more seem to hate 'em and there doesn't seem to be much middle ground (although I think that's the position I occupy).

Personally, I haven't found many textures or models that capture the feel or get the combinations of complimentary texture sets right (though Reinchard666 has been producing some very nice hi-res textures recently) and I think that is what most people's beef with them is. Well, of those people who would accept replacements at all. Some people (quite a few of them) simply don't like their Doom changed and that's a fair enough point of view. We don't seem to have a hi-res replacement pack that is as faithful as, say, the Duke3D one.

So, for my general Dooming, I use GZDoom without hr textures or model replacements. However, I really like what Sitters has been doing with his models for Risen3D over the last year or so. I realise that they won't be to everyone's taste but Sitters seems to have just decided to go with his own interpretations of the monsters (etc) a little. They are still very obviously what they are meant to be (there is no doubt that the imp is an imp and the cyberdemon is a cyberdemon etc etc) but he has allowed his own style to shape them too. As such, I think they hang together pretty well and work a little like a re-skinning of Doom in a slightly different style. Personally, I'm fine with that and I have Risen3D set up to use Sitters' models as a default.

As for the packages that you put up, I think that a lot of the textures are ones that I have seen before and some are quite old and have been superseded in newer texture packs. Similarly the models were mostly "seen befores" too but there were one or two I didn't remember seeing before. The packs that I tried worked well enough and I was able to get GZDoom loading with minimal fuss and using the packs. I can't say that I will play with them too often but their use is easy so I probably will fire the game up with your packs loaded every now and again just for a change of scenery.

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Re: gzDoom -:- Hi-Res Old School Atmosphere for Classic WADs

Post by Just_Jim » Sat Oct 20, 2012 0:23

Well, I searched fpr information about applying filters to flats and textures(patches) without success. Walls, Floors, and ceilings still look washed out and without detail (from the wads). I will leave what I Uploaded on line and maybe advertise it as "Doom for the Visually Impaired". If you know of any Dim-Sighted-Doomers, let them know its there. I highly recommend ETERNAL. If you know of filters that apply to flats and patches, let me know. Thanks,

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