Doom Enhanced for EDGE (yet another release)

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Doom Enhanced for EDGE (yet another release)

Post by CeeJay » Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:20

Well, after almost a year of on-and-off development (and a few incarnations before that) it is finally finished, at least I hope so.

It is a Doom enhancement mod. Another one, but this time for EDGE. Employing many of the features and advantages of the engine. It requires EDGE 1.35 (, just unzip the contents and use one of the included .BAT files.


* All new weapon sprites with smoother animations and with a consistent tech-type look.
* More complex weapon mechanics, among other things a kick is used as secondary attack for ranged weapons that lack their own.
* Chainsaw acts and sounds more like a real chainsaw, complete with the off chance of it failing and stalling in the midst of combat. Not to mention a wicked second attack.
* Five new weapons implemented:

- Rifle as dropped by the zombiemen, very accurate and with a scope allowing for some sniper action.
- Chaingun as dropped by zombie commando, original chaingun replaced with machinegun. This chaingun acts more like a real one. Very powerful.
- Unmaker - The unholy abomination mentioned in the (in)famous Doom bible, replaces the Dead Lost Soul (thing 23).
- On occasion when gibbing an Imp he will leave his fireball spewing and clawing arm behind as a weapon for use. Primary & secondary attacks.
- Mancubus arm gun - Like the Imp, the Mancubus will on occasion drop one of his big guns upon death. Not very useful though.

* Enemies have a wide array of death animations, some more gruesome and bloody than others. Most of which depend on the weapon type used.
Enemies will among other things be decapitated, ripped apart, gutted, splattered, crushed, set aflame and melted.
* Many enemies have extended/improved attack animations and methods, but projectile speed and damage remain mostly untouched for balance.
* Flying blood, guts and gore ("Flying gibs") complete with a large supply of sound effects to accommodate this.
* More realistic looking explosions with shrapnel and debris.
* Almost every decoration can be interacted with in one way or another: bodies can be splattered, barrels can be pushed around, lamps can be turned on and off, etc.
* Ambiance sounds (torches flickering, lamps humming, flies buzzing over corpses, etc.). Makes the environment seem more living.
* Extended usage and improvement of dynamic lightning.
* Shells and ammo boxes have been split into several parts allowing the player to only pick up what he/she needs and leave the rest for later.
* New more modern HUD display but with an old-school type feel. Doomguy face is still used and now actually works correctly (it didn't originally in EDGE).
* Almost every enemy now has its own unique sound set, most of these are of higher quality than the originals.
* Just about every single item has its own unique pickup sound.
* Lots and lots of cool visual effects, fixes, improvements and extensions. Almost nothing has been left untouched.
* In keeping with the old-school style of Doom there are no hi-res or true color sprites, everything is in standard resolution using the stock Doom palette.

DOWNLOAD (release candidate 4)
Standard version:
Lite version (no HQ music):

- Fixed a slight mistake with the Plasma Gun firing cycle.
- Once again, the Zombie and IMP special deaths have been re-worked. Now they will respawn/resurrect, tested on Nightmare skill.

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