The Sky Will Always Be

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The Sky Will Always Be

Post by kevansevans » Sat Aug 22, 2015 0:36

So this was a project I started way back ago where I was unhappy with the lack of support for the infamous "The Sky May Be". So I took it into my own hands to start working on a decorate conversion of SMB.
So this is the first full version I wanted to release for the conversion. My original goal was to make EVERYTHING a standalone entity, this meant all sounds, textures, sprites, etc., would have their own name and defined in their respective lumps. I got as far as making each monster and weapon separate, and even replacing the actors things in the map itself. Eventually I got sick of trying to figure out how to replace the sounds, so I let the name override do it's magic.

The map is not a 1:1 faithful recreation, a lot of it had to be changed and cleaned up in order to make it work. For example, the crate room behind the blue key door/elevator had a lot of custom textures that weren't lumps in the main wad, and I have no idea how to dig them out, so for now they're stock vanilla textures. A lot of Points and line defs had to be changed as well, as certain walls were mishaped and would not work right with the textures I cleaned up.

The one weapon I am not confident on managing to recreate is the mine launcher, the plasma rifle replacement that shoots a grenade of sorts, leaving behind three radiation mines that will fuck your day up. These are supposed to vanish after some time, but I never figured that out.

Monsters behave identically to the source I managed to do that, thank god. The Erasure is in there as well, just needs to be summoned via console.

Download: ...

Old screenshots: ... .11.50.png ... .12.29.png ... .12.47.png

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