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[3DGE] Duke it Out in DOOM

Posted: Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:42
by CeeJay
An action-packed gameplay mod that puts you in the boots of the political incorrect but lovable ass-kicking macho-man Duke Nukem. Crammed full of of 80's/90's action movies stereotypes and pop culture references. Featuring an impressive arsenal of super deadly, sneaky and devastating weapons and a colorful and humorous ensemble of power-ups and pickups. Full of witty one-liners from Duke himself and plenty of blood, guts and gore. 8)

"ACTION 1" key activates Beer and "ACTION 2" key toggles Night-Vision (when these are available, see icons on the far right of the HUD).

Mod requires latest version of (Hyper)3DGE (formerly EDGE) and a Doom or Doom II IWAD. Mod is widescreen friendly.

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