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Post by Jimmy » Thu Nov 19, 2009 17:56

The year 2231 AD. Fifty years since the last major invasion instigated by the UAC's experimental portal technology, the corporation has become one of the foremost technology providers in the galaxy. It has now spread its already vast empire to hundreds of alien homeworlds, to which it now provides the latest advancements in its portal technology, military defense weapons, and bio-mechanical enhancement. The UAC has enjoyed the flourishing of its immense inter-galactic empire for fifty glorious years. Not a single obstacle, not even a single demon in sight...

Or so it thought.

Through no fault of the UAC, or its rival conglomerates, the hellspawn have returned, to wreak havoc upon the cosmos. This sudden incursion of demons is unlike any the UAC has experienced before. Billions of hellspawn are arriving through huge demonic portals and invading countless major UAC installations all across the quadrant, and Hell's branches are bringing forth new demonic creations from every corner of purgatory, which even the most powerful of the UAC's defenses can't overcome.

Due to the catastrophic loss of hundreds of brave marines at the hands of these hellish creatures, the once-proud military branch of the Union Aerospace Corporation has been reduced to just a few. You are a single UAC soldier, and now the only hope of holding off this demonic apocalypse. You have been instructed to ensure the total protection of the thirty-five major UAC facilities rapidly being invaded by the abominable forces of Hell. The odds are against you, and the demons are many, but now you have no choice. You must serve your overseers, or die.

This is...

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