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[Info] Weapons

Post by Rachael » Thu Nov 19, 2009 19:13

Stronghold Weapons

[1] Fist:
When you run out of ammo, and don't have a chainsaw, sometimes this is your only defense against demons. If you ever get to the point where you have to punch them, you better hope you can punch them good!
Powered: When powered, you will strike demons with lightning.

[1] Chainsaw:
You'd much rather be carrying this around, than rely on your fist. This will rip demons to shreds, and will cause so much pain among many weaker demon races that they will be unable to attack back.
Powered: The chainsaw becomes faster and more aggressive.

[2] Pistol:
This is a standard issue marine side-arm. It uses regular bullets which are common throughout all UAC facilities. Please avoid hitting your fellow marines when discharging your fire arm, soldier!
Powered: The pistol will fire at double its firing rate.

[3] Shotgun:
This is a normal hunting rifle. It's still a mystery what potential the UAC sees in these cumbersome weapons for their worth carrying around, however they are effective and they get the job done.
Powered: This weapon will become faster, and far more accurate at long distances.

[3] Double-barreled Shotgun:
Unlike its single barreled cousin, this gun is far more chaotic and slower, however it spreads more pellets any which direction. Up close and personal, this weapon will deliver a fatal blow to many lower-classed demons in one hit. It does, however, use two shells instead of one, so use sparingly if possible.
Powered: This weapon becomes a little more accurate, and the pellets become ripping projectiles that will shoot through monsters like a railgun.

[3] Auto Shotgun:
This weapon has its shell loaded into a clip which can then be used to deliver fast-paced shotgun blows to nearby enemies. Rather than having to manually reload every shot, you only have to reload every 16.
Powered: This weapon will double its firing rate, and be more accurate at a distance.

[4] Chaingun:
This weapon uses the same standard ammunition issued by the UAC, except unlike the pistol, will allow you to pilfer enemies very quickly. When at close range, it can also be very effective at stopping some monsters from attacking.
Powered: This weapon will increase in firing rate, becoming even more effective at stopping demon attacks for bigger monsters.

[5] Rocket Launcher:
This puppy does exactly what the name says - launches rockets. The UAC takes no responsibility for damages incurred by personnel who use this weapon at close range.
Powered: The rocket launcher, when powered, will reform every rocket into a rocket cluster, which when fired, will spin and home in on enemies.

[5] Land mines:
When laid in strategic positions - these are a demon's worst enemy. They are very effective traps that explode when sprung, sending a few of your nemeses to the morgue. The UAC does not recommend stepping on these, for your safety. Your marine helmet is fitted with a special mine-detecting device that allows you to see and avoid mines laid both by yourself and fellow marines. Thankfully, the demons have yet to master this technology!
Secondary fire: This will throw your land mine, allowing you to trap demons at a distance.
Powered: When powered, the land mines deal more damage.
Powered secondary fire: One land mine can become three, which can be very handy when guarding wider hallways!

[5] Homing Rocket Launcher:
The UAC has been experimenting with technology (yet again, when will they learn?!) - and this time, they've figured out a way to attach a homing device to every rocket when fired through this bad boy. If there's a particularly troublesome and speedy creature getting towards your goal, point this guy at them and the rockets will go seek him out!
Powered: This will split both rockets fired into rocket clusters, which when fired, will form into rocket formations. If all 6 rockets successfully hit a target, they will do more damage than the 2 would have if the weapon were not powered.

[6] Plasma Rifle:
One of the more successful early innovations of the UAC, this weapon charges a special gas with ions until a visible electrical current ignites. After this phase, the weapon can launch the charged gas at enemies at a fast rate, effectively electrocuting them.
Powered: At the cost of firing speed, this weapon will now lob even more heavily charged gas at enemies, which can bounce off walls.

[6] Stunner Rifle:
A variant of the plasma rifle, the UAC invented a rifle whose electrical energy would affect its target's nervous system. When a stunner projectile hits, it freezes the target momentarily for a short amount of time, depending on the weakness of the affected monster. Additionally, stunner projectiles can pass through enemies, making it effective crowd control in tight situations.
Powered: The projectile moves more slowly through demons, thereby becoming more damaging.

[6] Rail Gun:
This weapon shoots an extremely powerful electrical current forth in front of its user. Hold down the fire button to "charge" to the desired amount of power, and release to discharge the current.
Powered: The weapon charges up more quickly.

[7] BFG9000:
That's right, the Big Fucking Gun! The UAC has fought demon invasions before, and developed and refined this weapon over the years out of experimentation and experience. Use at close range for a devastating radiative blast at your enemy, or at long range to hit many enemies at once. Great for emergency situations where you need to clear a room quickly.
Powered: This weapon takes on the properties of a rapid-fire rocket launcher with devastating damage. Use at close range is not recommended.

[8] Flamethrower:
This gas-powered monstrosity will burn away most of your troubles. Use with care.
Powered: The weapon ignites the gas much more aggressively, causing the flames to turn blue and burn enemies a lot quicker.

[8] Pyro Cannon:
This weapon will launch ignited gas at enemies, which when hits, can cause severe burns.
Powered: The pyro cannon turns into a rapid-fire cannon which can devastate hordes of enemies in a matter of seconds.

[9] Plasma Repeater:
This little beauty is like a chaingun, except for plasma. It launches high velocity plasma at its victims with a decent rate of fire. It is, however, somewhat inaccurate, and best suited for close range.
Powered: This weapon increases its rate of fire.

[9] Devastator:
Are you ready for the next version of the Big Fucking Gun? It's so much better, that we couldn't name it that. This one will wipe out a horde much more quickly.
Powered: The weapon increases its rate of fire, and the projectiles are much more... shall we say "devastating?"

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Re: [Info] Weapons

Post by Wolf3DFan15 » Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:13

Very nice! i'm likeing the stunner gun best of all!

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