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Stronghold Differences

Post by SAL » Wed Nov 17, 2010 12:42

I played the old version of Stronghold (the buggy one) and i like it.
Now i've read on doomworld that a new version is out, can somebody tell me what exactly was changed?
It comes with a bunch of bug fixes, increased online stability, and a few new maps to replace some of the less interesting ones
New maps? Which ones and which were replaced?
Is the backpack bug finally fixed? ^^

Isn't there something like a "changelog" or what this is usually called?

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Re: Stronghold Differences

Post by perfectpitchrob » Wed Nov 17, 2010 20:06

- Maps 18 and 25 are all new maps, (map 25 is now a second overmind map!). Map 17 has been almost completely re-designed (but still has a few of its original ideas). Also, Map 30 is now a limit map instead of a deadline map. Map 14 also has new spawning points for the later waves. Finally, Map 35 has a much harder final battle/new spawning point for that final wave, and some other surprises. Those are the major differences, although I'm sure I'm forgetting much more.

- The backpack bug has been fixed

- I don't think there was a changelog for this version, but the above listed items are the big differences

*edit* I took a look through all the levels, it turns out Map 20 received a nice makeover as well (although it is still the same map, and the bottom-left hand portion remains pretty much the same as the original). Also, Map 27 has a few small touches added such as another staircase/balcony area by the crystals (the map is also now a milestone map instead of being a deadline with checkpoints. Finally, Map 7 had a few small changes, but nothing that changes its architecture. I think that's everything, but I might be still missing something

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