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Mix with Weapon Modpacks

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 11:52
by Marcos
first of all an introduction, My name is Marcos, im new to the modding scene, and really liked what you guys did with this one, amazing work!

well my question is this, is it possible to run stronghold alongside another weapon pack mod? dont get me wrong, i really enjoyed what you guys delivered in that front, but the thnig is, there were alot of weapon mods that could be so much fun to use in here, expecially at the higher dificulties. from combined arms to guncaster. i really wanted to try and mix to see what happens.

im sure its a hard thing to ask for, but if there's anyway, i would be really glad to try it out, even if its not perfect.

Sorry for this bizarre question, and once again, thanxs for this amazing project.

Re: Mix with Weapon Modpacks

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 12:37
by Gez
Since Stronghold features its own custom weapons, it's going to require a special patch that you'll have to make, and load after both Stronghold and the weapon pack you want to use.

Note that Stronghold features new weapons that existing modpacks do not replace (stunner rifle, land mines, repeater, etc.). Also note that Stronghold uses the old-fashioned (and deprecated) KEYCONF method for setting weapon slots, so you will probably need to modify stronghold directly in order to make it work with a weapon pack

Re: Mix with Weapon Modpacks

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:49
by DoomKrakken
You should also check out the work that Ed The Bat has done with Stronghold... he's made quite a name for himself, updating the code for several depreciated mods and establishing compatibility between mods. Using his version of Stronghold, I was able to play through the whole thing using Guncaster. :D