Whats going on?

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Whats going on?

Post by BioHazard » Mon Jul 25, 2005 10:47

Heres an update of what has been going on lately:
  • I uploaded a bunch of pictures to the Pictures area.
  • There is a beta of ZDL2 in the Forum. (you have to find it! :) )
  • I added a bunch of nifty features to TextStuff. Still pending upload though...
  • I have been working on ZDL2 a bit, the ChangeLog is linked in the Todo area.
  • I have been playing with my tablet trying to figure out how to draw, but it's not working :\
  • I am re-writing the Forum. Hopefully, it will be a bit better than it is now.
More people need to comment on stuff! That's why I maintain that feature. I don't care what you say, you could totally bash whatever it is you are commenting on and I'll make sure I don't make whatever mistake again...

I was also thinking of putting up a "Donate" thing through PayPal. Would anyone donate $5 for the hours and hours I spend working on this stuff?

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