Bio's got another brand new bag!

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Bio's got another brand new bag!

Post by BioHazard » Tue Jul 26, 2005 3:23

Due to the closure of my good friend Etsuko's site, I have migrated here. I plan to spend at least a few months here before I get my real site.
A big thanks to Grubber and the team for letting me mooch off them for a while :D

So now I have a real forum to use. I really wanted to write one myself, but whatever, I'll at least make a skin. :)

Now that Grubber was nice enough to give me a database table. I'll be able to do away with a lot of the crappy scripts that plague my site.
Now I just have to figure out how to write MySQL... :)

It certainly is nice to post stuff through a nice interface instead of writing all the files by hand. :?

I'm having lots of trouble getting the bugtracker software to work. It's giving me heck!
I really need to get the database version working...

And now; I'm going to play with the smileys:
:bash: :whip: :thumb: :ninja: :cheers: :steering:

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