I should probably let you know I'm not dead...

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I should probably let you know I'm not dead...

Post by BioHazard » Sun Aug 28, 2005 7:40

Well, Most of you that visit the ZDoom forums know I'm very much not dead. But for those of you that just visit occasionally, I'm still here and I'm still making stuff. I have stopped announcing stuff untill it is really close to being done so I'm not obligated to finish it before I know if it's possible or not. I tend to work on all my stuff a little bit at a time, so when I release 1 new thingy, expect a bunch soon after.

I am planning to rewrite a lot of my older programs including KwikStrip, CmdStrip and TextStuff, and I want to know what you [the users] want from them. I will be holding open forum on the IRC server irc.oftc.net channel #BiosApps from 2005/8/29 20:00 GMT to 2005/8/30 16:00. Make sure you let me know what you want these programs to do so I can make the app you have always wanted!

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