I'm dead!

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I'm dead!

Post by BioHazard » Thu Aug 23, 2007 22:06

Well, if you all haven't noticed, this place is pretty much dead. I just don't have the time or interest to keep this place up. I haven't used a Windows machine (anywhere) in over a year. I just have no desire to work on any of my old Windows software anymore.

I do still blog on Q's site as I'm more or less a member of Vectec Software. Anyway, go there.

If anyone didn't notice, I released the ZDL 3.0 source code on the Vectec update servers. I plan on releasing the KwikStrip and friends source sometime soon. Keep an eye out for that. I'll mention it on my blog.

Anyway, it's been good guys. Tell me when ZDoom switches to fModEX. Bio out...

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Post by InsanityBringer » Thu Aug 23, 2007 23:05

But you can't leave because you are awesome ;)


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