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About TGRDM3

Post by Tiger » Thu Jan 05, 2012 22:15

What is TGRDM3?
TGRDM3 is a competitive ‘Deathmatch’ based project that can be played with one player with several bots or with other multiple players over the Internet or Local Network. But, however, TGRDM3 will require those to have a well graded graphics card as the project will contain 3D objects (floors and slopped floors). As the project will target the GZDoom engine and its OpenGL features, it is best to assure that the user's graphics card can support GZDoom’s OpenGL renderer.

What is going to be Different on TGRDM3?
I will try to focus solely on the users and what they want in any competitive Deathmatch based game. Despite that this is excessively broad -- there is truly no definite answer. My previous projects such as TGRDM1 and TGRDM2 was developed by grounds of mainly as a learning experience; a way of developing a foundation that I can carry further in other game development projects. Despite that I will continue to learn throughout this project’s development and the next, I will try to focus on the users – something that seemed to be missing on my previous projects.

Where can I Download it?
Currently, TGRDM3 is not officially released, but there is a topic on these forums in regards to beta builds. Additionally, the SVN Repo is currently private. With the SVN Repo being 'private', this means that it is not possible for anyone (other than myself and or other team members) to view (or checkout) the contents within the project's SVN.

Can I Help with Development?
Currently, no. As I have been the only developer since the very start – I feel that I will be the last man standing when the project is finished. I am very uncertain if I will try to gather developers in the later future, I just don’t know.
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