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{MAP03} NoirLust

Posted: Wed Nov 21, 2012 6:40
by Tiger
I am trying to modify how I create maps by using better drafting techniques and not rely on a just drafting on ordinary paper. The current drafting technique I am doing relies on three passes: brain storm \ general draft (ordinary paper) - to get the idea of the Virtual World, first draft (ordinary graphing paper) - properly scale the idea from the general draft to a graph, and working final draft (grid paper) - duplicate the contents from the graphing paper to the grid paper using the same scale that will be used on the level editor. Is this rather a tedious task? It is a major difference than before, but I have experienced much more advantages with this scheme -- no more guess work and less time on the editor. But, to every positive side - there is a negative side, primarily it just takes much longer than before.

Anyways, here is one map I have so far. It is very much still in 'Work in Progress' stage as it still needs the following:
  • Height Variations and base height [currently, Y=0]
  • Add 3D Objects\Floors
  • Flow Check
  • General Revision {is this room too small? Is this column in the way? etc}
  • Textures
  • Implement special actions {Jumping Pads and Teleports}
However, I am still working on this rather strange ill-figured or Deformed person on a pogo stick while holding a bag and some musical instrument.....
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  • r676 Modified
    • Only designed for testing and viewing the map layout

Re: {DM10000} NoirLust

Posted: Fri Dec 07, 2012 3:20
by Tiger
I've included a download to a modified version of NoirLust for testing the layout of the map. Keep in mind, there is no weapons or any textures (aside from avoiding HOM's) and includes only a Player1 Start. Currently, this download is only designed for viewing the map and allowing those to critique and share feedback over the general flow of the map layout.

  • To avoid Hall of Mirrors when testing, textures where defined within the virtual world.