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[TGRDM3]Modifier:Promode Game Mode

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 20:05
by Tiger
This has been in my mind for awhile now, and has been done before by Quake and Chaindude (ChainDM); basically fast weapon switching without the raise states.

This would be more appropriate as a Modifier than risking chances of it being broken in DM3.
Thus a PWAD2 data structural will have to be done, but it will be extremely easy to create. - Video demonstrating this game mode.

Pro: Intense and faster pace game play
Con: Major Rage quits, Hard Doom fans complaints how it is not (Doom) nature.
Comments: Possibly disable the normal Doom AUTOAIM behavior. This will hurt Software Users, however not as bad as it would from the normal ZDoom View angles.