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LBC% (The next stage of PLA%)

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 19:56
by Tiger

One of the most greatest researches in TGR was the "PLA%" or (Possible Lag Attempts).
The "PLA" was the Foremost considered on everything in the map and out.
The "PLA" focuses on both Connection, and low-end computers (Ranging from 1994/2001 jahr models).

The "PLA" will no longer take place in later projekts; "From TGRDM3 and later". So the question comes up, how can we be able to help reduce so much connection usage from both the Server and Client side?
That question will be answered with the newly researched "LBC%" or (Limited Bandwidth Connections).

This research should help when it comes to users that have a lower-connections from (ISP's) like "56KB Flat".

How this research will work:
From the map format of "DiDF" or even "DiHF"; the server has to update all the clients upon every single change. (Like contous light changes, etc.)
So what this research will do, is help cut off some of the contentiously updating from the map; that the server has to send to the clients.

For example:
Without LBC% : 10 MB (8 Players)
With LBC% : 6 MB (8 Players)
Managed to save 4 Megabytes from this example.

This research will target both: ACS and OSC

Re: LBC% (The next stage of PLA%)

Posted: Tue Sep 25, 2012 21:25
by Tiger
This is unnecessary and should be more on a common level of achievement (if plausible) anyways.

{Note: is it bad that I chuckled alittle on this very old post?}