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[TGRDM3 - RPCv2] Security Control

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 20:08
by Tiger
Protection against Project Vandalism and Project Hijacking. Having nearly all Sectors height and specially solely done by ACS.

The Script will only run once (Run Once Script), that is handled by the Server and updates all the clients.
If the server fails or missing packets become relevant, than another script must take place to fix this issue.
This will take more bandwidth from all nodes, however this will assure no user is potentially hijacking nor defacing TGRDM3.

Re: [TGRDM3 - RPCv2] Security Control

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 20:11
by Tiger
Different mind state now - this request was mainly created at the start of TGRDM3 development in 2007. This is not really needed, too much work, too many leads for corruption, and this project is plausible going to be 'open'; as a result, this feature request is rather a nasty opposition of closure and openness.