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[1.90]Engine: Static & Dynamic driver control

Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2011 20:34
by Tiger
Something I was thinking about; although, I have not fully said yes or no as I have not taken much time to think about it lately. Before I forget, I'll post it.

TGRDM3 Engine should be highly independent and dynamic; however, for those that liked TGRCP1's old static controlled environment (one way direct) they can switch to emulate the engine mode. If the user uses the Static Engine Mode the engine will still correspond to Dynamic Engine Mode, but the Static Engine Mode will try to emulate TGRCP1's environment in away. This setting can not be toggled by the server. Doing so, will cause the engine to become unstable on the Server control and Clients (excluding RUNONCE client side data).

Other ideas, could enforce Development tool engine, Safe Mode (AKA: Half Mode) engine, Disallow all special features or drive RPC to auto kill features (soft/hard crash).

CVar Idea: TGR_EngineControl x (x Base16 Value)

Re: [1.90]Engine: Static & Dynamic driver control

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:32
by Tiger
Too much work and there is simply no need for this approach as nothing is really being gained.