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[1.90]UDE Plans

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:32
by Tiger

User Display Experience
This will also part of the new huge Core Engines in 'TGRDM3'; This will help users that are either running on Software and or OpenGL that might experience FPS limitations while playing on any-level on TGRDM3.

By doing this;
There will be 3 UDE sections:
To activate the UDE, the user can type a simple CVar on the User Console.

1-Default "Global" - This is near as "High Display Experience" however, if a user is running "OpenGL" with minor restrictions, UDE "By default" will help patch up things like "Stacked Sectors", horizons, etc.

2- Low Display - This will remove all graphical things, patch up Stacked Sectors, Horizons, and possibly remove some detailing(?). With this option, this will be perfect for users that are experiencing FPS Lag.

3- High Display "Full" - This will (ADD EVERYTHING), Stacked Sectors, Horizons, Full Details, you name it.
However; if "UDE" sees that a User is running OpenGL with Limitations, it will post a warning message that some effects can create a "HOM" issue, aswell as possibility of a chance of FPS Spike.

With User Display Experience, this will GUARANTEE satisfaction for ever user that is running a Higher End PC with Higher End GPU, and for users running a Lower End PC and with Lower End GPU; Without having to use file replacements or PWAD2 attachments!

Re: [1.90]UDE Plans

Posted: Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:09
by Tiger
  • GZDoom logically renders every sector and every line.
  • The user can customize the preferences anyways.
Logically, forget it.