Creating a Bug Topic (Please Read)

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Creating a Bug Topic (Please Read)

Post by Tiger » Wed Dec 07, 2011 9:24

The topic must include the following:
[File Version or Revision]Bug/Crash: Affected areas

For example:
[1.70]Crash: Unknown flats

When you create your topic; please include as much details as possible but do not over exaggerate the details, and keep the post neutral. Also I would recommend placing this on your post:

Code: Select all

File Name:
Project Version/Revision:
(G)ZDoom or Child Port; Revision(s):
Bug Reproducible:
Level Number:
How do you use that?
Well, here is an example:

Code: Select all

File Name: TGRCP1
Project Version/Revision: 1.70
(G)ZDoom or Child Port; Revision(s): Skulltag 97D.2; (1617)
Bug Reproducible: Online (Server)
Level Number: TGRCP03
Note: Reporting bugs for other TGR related projects (for those that are still supported) can be done here, just be sure to use the correct information when filling out that small template!
With your help with providing accurate reports, it will help us to fix the issues upon the later releases.

Thank you :)
Nicholas 'Tiger' Gautier

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