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[1.43]Bug: CMPGNINF Outdated

Posted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 10:19
by Tiger
File Name: TGRDM2
File Version: 1.43
Skulltag Version: Skulltag 97e (Alpha-1758)
Bug Reproducible: Single Player Campaign
Level Number: 1-10

The CMPGNINF is outdated on the Skulltag 97e series due to DMFLAGS2 changes.
Torr Samaho wrote:I looked into this and found out that Skulltag is doing exactly what it should: The dmflags2 setting in the CMPGNINF lump sets sv_norespawn to 1. Thus players are not allowed to respawn.
In order to resolve this issue without having to break the ancient builds of Skulltag (96f/97b/97c.x/97d); the fix might have to take advantage of using the TGRDM3 hotfix patches (UPR) from PWAD2 file source. If I do the UPR, then it should only be used on Skulltag 97e and later.

Re: [1.43]Bug: CMPGNINF Outdated

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:14
by Tiger
This will be resolved in TGRDM2 v1.02, however - I will not even bother with compatibility with ancient builds of SkullTag. Instead, the game flags will be updated to Zandronum v1.0 flags.