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[1.90Dev]LegalIssue: Creditability Check

Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:33
by Tiger
Currently, TGRDM3 is using an abundance of textures and selectable SPRITEs, but with no credits. During the early development within 2009 there did exist a credited list that contained ~30 PWADS and resources utilized (including websites), however this very list was compiled within a busy .zip file that was managed by Windows XP SP2 - this file was later corrupted and with no backups available. Since then, I've left the issue alone and continued with little bother. But recently while reading a few discussions and posts within various forums regarding creditability and shared resources, I plan on and try to rebuild the shared resource list again. This will take awhile to resolve.

*As of the time of this post, currently uncredited*
Textures\Flats = 6,816

Re: [1.90Dev]LegalIssue: Creditability Check

Posted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:23
by Tiger
Despite already confirming over a thousand textures in total, I am thinking about replenishing the stock completely from scratch. Looking over the current stock, I am not completely happy with what is in the texture database, how it was organized, and how well it aged with little upkeep. With a new fresh stock of textures I can hopefully eliminate some of the useless textures in the current database, and remanage how the textures are placed in categories within the database. Additionally, thanks to UDMF - updating the textures within the maps are now instantly easy with the help of a text editor such as Notepad++. Thus, replenishing the stock database just seems like a more feasible route for this new development of the project.

Re: [1.90Dev]LegalIssue: Creditability Check

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 9:38
by Tiger
After working hard to rediscover all of the textures, I was only able to find 95% of the textures but not enough for the current maps. After some thinking, I am going to completely thrash the entire texture, sprite, and sounds and start off with a clean slate. The current maps will not be expunged but rejected, that is unless I spend numerable hours patching the maps to the new texture library immediately after creating a new texture database. The rejected maps might be updated in the future, but not anytime soon. Overall, this offers more benefits with having my hands clean as opposed to still removing the dirt. The changes will take effect soon.

Re: [1.90Dev]LegalIssue: Creditability Check

Posted: Mon Jun 25, 2012 21:03
by Enjay
There used to be a utility that had as its primary function converting maps from Heretic to Doom to Doom2 to Hexen (I think) and back to Heretic. It was configurable in as much as you could write a text file to tell the util which texture to replace with what from the new game. It also worked for converting the textures on a level to different ones from the same game or from a custom resource.

I only mention this because it seems like such a util would significantly reduce the work of converting existing maps to use the new texture resource. ie, you'd have to write a config file once and then apply it to as many maps as you want.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the tool but someone might know about it or, if you (or someone you know) are adept in these kind of things, my guess is that it wouldn't be a hard thing to program from scratch. It just seems a waste to dispose of maps just because they need to be re-textured.

Re: [1.90Dev]LegalIssue: Creditability Check

Posted: Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:25
by Gez
SLADE 3 has a "replacetextures" console command that will replace textures in all maps of the current archive. (Unless they are in UDMF, which is not handled by this feature yet.)

Re: [1.90Dev]LegalIssue: Creditability Check

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 7:27
by Tiger
As the current maps are in UDMF format, it is easy to streamline edit the ASCII files. Perhaps a simple VIM script to substitute the older filenames marked within the ASCII files to the newer adjacent image filenames. Rejecting the maps is truly no big loss. There has been many times when I would just flush the maps and start over again, but this time - this seems necessary to fix my huge mistake years ago that I never corrected. The maps having to be rejected will most likely never be ignored and I would plausibly port them over to the newer project standards in the later future, so there is a very good chance that the maps will not disappear for ever.

Hopefully I can sit down and think of 'better' maps for this project, time and time again - restarting the entire stock maps seems to get better. Years ago the maps I've created where - - in my current state of mind - would have never been appealing in any deathmatch game or any competitive game mode, from both visually and the game play. But, looking back from 2007 to now, I can visually see the improvements -- one era of work will continue to seek for perfection.

The maps will be marked as rejected and will most likely be ported over, along with the rest of the rejected maps within this project. Additionally, the textures and other outside resources are most likely going to be thrashed. It is time to move forward and rebuild.