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HotCompiler (Nachtregen) Structuring

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 20:22
by Tiger
HotCompiler's structure continues to practice 'CALL' of scripts in the most hierarchy (Top - Down) level of programming, this leaves the scripts still loaded and hanging within the terminal. The structure should be updated to support 'eof' marker and restructure the design suited for optimize performance for the shell terminal. Additionally, as another program (DeLorean) is also suffering from this same hierarchy level of programming, that program can only survive by a very gross patch and is severally limited in its functionality. It would be best for HotCompiler's structure model to be updated before any new changes are introduced. Moreover, as the code currently exists, this update shouldn't take as long as the initial v2.00 overhaul {rewrite}.

Draw Backs:
Kills compatibility with Windows 5.0, only. {This OS is no longer supported, though 5.1 has two years of support left}

Release the source!
Easier to flow
Better performance overall

Re: HotCompiler (Nachtregen) Structuring

Posted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:57
by Tiger
Done, but this program needs further stability and optimizations. After porting the newer structure design, I've noticed there was a lot of over-processing and stability issues. Before I allow this program to go outside from the current SVN state and publicly open, I want to be sure that the program will work without much hassles. I don't want to pull a Microsoft move and release a half working product for others to depend on. Thus, more time will be needed to get this program where it needs to be, stable and more optimized.