Hacx Discussion -- Read first!

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Hacx Discussion -- Read first!

Post by Xaser » Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:25

Greetings, and welcome to the new Hacx Discussion forum! This is the place just to talk about anything Hacx, give suggestions for the new version, or check out the latest Hacx news and announcements. Just keep things on topic -- as long as Hacx is involved in some way or form, all will be well.

If you're interested in contributing to the Hacx 2.0 project, mosey on over to the Development Forum for more information on how to do so.

We've also got an IRC channel, for those interested in chatting about Hacx: #hacx on irc.esper.net. Stop by any time, and if you're new to IRC, just hop on Mibbit to give it a shot.

Welcome, and happy hacking!

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