Just finished the game (Hacx 1.2) I have some questions.

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Just finished the game (Hacx 1.2) I have some questions.

Post by pikmintaro » Sat Feb 02, 2013 4:01

I really enjoyed the game (Although it isn't finished, but what was there was very enjoyable for me.) but I have some questions about things in the game (About weapons, and enemies.) that I would like to know about.

First of all on the enemies, I'm guessing they are made by the Genie computer since I'm guessing it can make all sorts of mixtures of biomechanical things (For these I'm going off the Doom wiki names, so sorry if they are wrong.)
Thug enemies, I guess they were former humans who are now cyborg type things? they have weird tusks so maybe they are also mutated? in the game story it says there are zombies, but I didn't see any in the game so I guess it means these guys.
Androids and Buzzers are obviously just mechanical things so was Genemp making them, and then Genie took over everywhere and started making them more for itself? the invisible ones I guess have some sort of cloaking device.
The Phages are more mutant than cyborg it seems like, I'm not sure if they are former humans or if Genie just can make any bio material it wants, but they seem to have mechanical parts, and when they die they seem to have a flashing eye like they are watching you and sending the data to Genie?
Monstructs... these things look really weird do they have eyes on the front and back? their feet look really weird on the bottom like it is completely flat with no skeletal structure, also they can turn into Samurai statues? (I saw some Phages later in the game that seemed that way also.)
ICE, these ones confused me, at first you find them in Cyberspace (Which the Cyberspace levels look awesome btw!) and they look like biomechanical reptile things, but then you find them in the real world later, so were they designed originally as security programs in Cyberspace, but Genie brought them outside?
D-Man when I saw these things I was like "WTH are these things?" they look like flying meatballs with mechanical parts on them, I guess they are another cyberspace program that are brought into the real world? but are the Mahjong 7 things that spawn them also originally Cyberspace programs? they look just like Robots so I'm not sure.
Terminatrix are they like Android/Gynoids that are made to look like human women? I ask because when you kill them some of their skin seems to come off, and it looks mechanical underneath.
Mechamaniac I don't really have a question about them since they are obviously just cyborgs (That look awesome btw!)
Thorn Things are they big red mutant insects with mechanical parts in them? I was pretty surprised when I first saw them in game.
Genie itself, in the pictures of it in game on the monitors it looks like a skull, but on the forums someone was showing sprites of it, and it didn't look that way, so is the skull part on the inside? also what was it's purpose before it went rogue?

I don't have many questions about weapons just a couple
On the CryoGun does the character wear it on his shoulder? and what does it shoot are they freezing bullets/pellets?
For the stick, does it have an actual name and what exactly does it shoot out, I know it and the Nuker use Molecules to power them, but I would like to know what is the stick shooting?

On the levels themselves I have a couple questions too.
Are some of the levels out of place? in the first China/Japan level (I think it's China, but I see some Katakana around also.) you go into a palanquin at the end (Which I guess is being pulled by an android?) and you don't see the Palanquin again until the start of another level which is a couple after the next one? and in another level you seem to end the level and the next level is a cyberspace level without going into a computer?
I'm guessing that some of the levels towards the end are fusions of the real world and cyberspace? I'd just like to know.

Sorry about all the questions, but I really REALLY enjoy the game, and I would like to know the lore behind it, since I'm finished with 1.2 I will move on to the 2.0 version to see what is different, thanks so much for making the game, and for continuing to make it all these years later!

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Re: Just finished the game (Hacx 1.2) I have some questions.

Post by Prisoner849 » Mon Jun 24, 2013 19:33

I have wondered many of these questions as well... I'm also very curious as to the progress of Hacx 2.0 so far. Its been a little while since there was any news... 2.0 looks absolutely beautiful. Im so excited for the finished product.

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Re: Just finished the game (Hacx 1.2) I have some questions.

Post by Blzut3 » Thu Jun 27, 2013 4:02

Development seems to be a little slow at the moment for 2.0 (for various reasons). I did get Hacx 1.3 mostly ready recently, just waiting for Xaser to be able to do a co-op test run through it and then go through the last few quick tasks.

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