Hacx 2.0 Editing Resources & Guidelines

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Hacx 2.0 Editing Resources & Guidelines

Post by Xaser » Mon Jan 09, 2012 10:41

Hey all! If you're reading this, I'm hoping that you've got at least a little bit of an inkling of interest for working on Hacx 2.0. If so, this thread serves to provide all the resources (and a few tips) you'll need to get started.

First, a few guidelines: The target ports for Hacx 2.0 are ZDoom and Eternity. Though this means that hopefully in the future we'll be able to use UDMF, for now we're sticking to the Boom-compatible feature-set with a few ZEternity extras thrown on top (slopes and portals, for example). There's a DB2 configuration linked in a bit that defines all of this, so no worries about what is what. Straight Boom-compat is the "play it safe" option, of course, but who wants to play it safe? :P

Without any further ado, here are the resources you'll need:

- General Utilities -

Zdoom SVN Repository -- The latest and greatest release of ZDoom. These versions are slightly newer than the latest official release (2.5.0) linked on the main ZDoom page and you'll need them in order for the new builds to function properly. A tip: if you try and run Hacx 2.0 and find that you can't select any weapons, you need a newer SVN build.

Eternity v3.40.20 -- Latest build of the Eternity Engine, one of Hacx's target ports. Although development on the EE front is in very early stages and the EDFs are not finished for Hacx objects yet (meaning monsters, weapons, etc. won't work), it's a good idea to make sure your map works right (even with -nomonsters) so all will be well in the future. Most compatibility differences are minor enough that you shouldn't run into trouble unless you do something really weird.

Doom Builder -- the premier editor for Doom engine games. There are two versions available, and the newest release, Doom Builder 2, is jam-packed with easy editing features and an improved 3D mode. Either will work fine for Hacx, and convenient editing configurations are provided below. Go with the version you're most comfortable with, but be sure you use the appropriate config below, otherwise you'll be waist-deep in trouble.

- Hacx Resources -

Hacx 2.0 IWAD Builds -- the latest in-progress build of the Hacx 2.0 IWAD. Make sure and base your maps off the latest build here, and not on the 1.2 or earlier releases of Hacx. Otherwise, things won't work. :P

Hacx Editing Config -- Hacx.cfg for Doom Builder 2. This adds "Hacx" to the list of games you can edit in DB and saves a hell of a lot of hassle. To use, place this in the \Configurations folder, and open your map (or start a new one) with the "Hacx" config. Handy! Note that the DB1 config is no longer supported (and will remain that way unless there's a DB1 mapper around who wants to take up the challenge of converting it).

There are still a few things I need to put online (updated DB2 config and advanced editing features demo wad), but can't now due to various reasons that may or may not be related to Xaser's somewhat unreliable memory. Soon though.

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