How many of you want BugTrackers?

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How many of you want BugTrackers?

Post by BioHazard » Tue Jan 03, 2006 12:51

I have received quite a few requests for BugTrackers in the last week, So far KDiZD, ZDForum, ArcticWolf and now ZHalloween all want BugTrackers. I could set you all up with the KDiZD-style file-based version now but I will replace it with the SQL-driven version when I get it finished. What do you think?

About the SQL version; I plan on it being very different from the current version. The index page will remain mostly the same but the other pages will change a bit:

Bug list pages:
Bugs will probably still laid out in tiles, but I'm going to make them horizontal like so:

Code: Select all

|                     Bug number (+status)                     |
|                          | Reporter's name                   |
|                          |  Original description of bug      |
|                          |                                   |
|                          |                                   |
|        ScreenShot        |                                   |
|  (link to larger image)  |                                   |
|                          |                                   |
|                          |                                   |
|                          |                                   |
|    Comments (#) | Fixed | Debated | Delete | Move | Other    |
Replys will be put up in a forum-style fasion so no overlapping updates happen. I might put more info on the tiles (like date posted and whatnot), but I don't want to get ahead of myself.
Help request: Can anyone think of any other things that might need to be tracked?

There will also be a history of recent changes, not that you will be able to revert back to a past state, but you can see what items are new and such.
Help request: I would really like to make a system that enables you to show up and it tell you what you haven't seen yet, but I don't know how to do that. Anyone care to explain?

Configuration will still require you to fiddle with a few vars at the top of the PHP file, but there will be a script for the database setup. The config script will run once and it won't allow you to run it again if the table $vr_db_table exists in your database (for security reasons).

I think I'm going to rig it up with a 3-level user system based on password. level 0 will be for anonymous users (not logged in), level 1 will be standard users (user password) and level 2 will be admin access (admin password). Depending on the security level, 0 and 1 can use all normal features and admins can alter the section directory and do mass deletions and alterations.
Help request: I need to think of ways to implement effective security, contact me if you know how.

I'm going to try to do it all with 1 database table per tracker. I will probably use a type field to identify what kind of entry a row is. I'll be sure to document types well. Is there a way to do "#define THAT this" in PHP?
I'll keep the documentation here so people can comment on it.
Help request: I need to think of ways to set up the database, I'm not sure what fields It's going to need.

In the beginning, I just had to make it work for KDiZD, It needs to expand to fit a more broad range of projects.

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