Can't run on linux

Advanced Wolfenstein 3D source port based upon Wolf4SDL and ZDoom.
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Can't run on linux

Post by snowjunkie » Tue Nov 03, 2020 17:32

I'm trying to run ECwolf on linux (bionic beaver) and despite putting the game data in the .config folder i keep getting an error. here's the thing: the error is telling me im missing a file that is nowhere in the sod zip nor does it show up on the ECwolf wiki page about the data files.

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snowjunkie@snowjunkie-Inspiron-24-5459:~$ ecwolf
ReadConfig: Reading the Configuration.
IWad: Selecting base game data.
Could not open gamemaps since /home/snowjunkie/.config/ecwolf/maphead.SD4 is missing.
I'm really confused as to what to do.

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Re: Can't run on linux

Post by Blzut3 » Wed Nov 04, 2020 9:34

Check the hashes of your data files against the wiki page. Your data files are likely configured to have one of the mission packs enabled and for whatever reason it's not enabled in the way that ECWolf knows how to automatically revert.

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