ECWolf 1.1 Released

Advanced Wolfenstein 3D source port based upon Wolf4SDL and ZDoom.
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ECWolf 1.1 Released

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ECWolf 1.1 has been released. Given how game breaking some of the bug were, this release is somewhat overdue. Be sure to scan over the revised release notes and then head over to the downloads page. The tech demo has been updated with a new secret level so be sure to grab that as well!

While this was intended to be mostly a bug fix release. There are a few features thrown in here including move/weapon bob lifted straight from ZDoom. It also includes an initial implementation of mouse look via y-shearing (use Tab+M in debug mode to enable), but there's still no z-axis.

The documentation is being updated as I have time (if anyone is willing to help please contact me for a wiki account), but in the mean time here's an interpreted version of the Mercurial log:
  • Fixed: Dogs could not walk through open doors.
  • Fixed: Angel of Death animation was all wrong.
  • Fixed: Angel of Death sounds.
  • Fixed: Ubermutant did not sight the player.
  • Fixed: Spectres tried to play the wrong sound in Spear of Destiny causing a crash.
  • Fixed: Mouse Y axis movement was not clamped resulting in noclip like behaviors.
  • Fixed: Use case insensitive file lookups on all platforms.
  • Fixed: Offsets in TEXTURES can now be negative.
  • Fixed: Clipping of tall weapon sprites.
  • Fixed: Sprite mirroring didn't work.
  • Fixed: Errors with sounds in The Ultimate Challenge.
  • Fixed: Having over 100 health resulted in a crash.
  • Fixed: Widescreen display artifacts when too close to a wall.
  • Fixed: View window size needs to be even. This fixes some resolutions like 1366x768
  • Fixed: Weapon switches were not cancelled at death resulting in possible finite loops.
  • Fixed: --file read the second argument after it.
  • Fixed: Action pointers now keep track of owner so jumps work properly on weapons.
  • Fixed: Monsters that had both a missile and melee attack would not perform the melee attack.
  • Fixed: The angle variable in decorate wasn't converted to degrees.
  • Fixed: Projectiles didn't play their seesound when spawned.
  • Improved VGAGRAPH loading code to guess when finding bogus data.
  • Improved location of base data ("IWAD") files.
  • Slightly changed the depth fog so that it doesn't fade to black quite so fast. Still doing something completely wrong here.
  • The save directory is now configuration directory unless overridden by --savedir.
  • Added WolfensteinMonster actor which, if inherited, sets the defaults approprietly for Wolfenstein style monsters.
  • Added mouse look. It's a cheat for now since the implementation isn't finished (no z-axis). Use Tab+M to enable it.
  • Added weapon and movement bobbing code from ZDoom.
  • Added support for binding keys to next/previous weapon.
  • Added GAF_NOAMMO for A_GunAttack and duplicated WAF_NORANDOM as GAF_NORANDOM.
  • Added A_JumpIfCloser, A_JumpIfInventory, A_TakeInventory, and A_ChangeFlag.
  • Added chance parameter to A_ActiveSound (0 = never, 256 = always (default)) use ASP_CHASE to have the same probability as A_Chase. This is useful for Wolfenstein style monsters so the active sound plays correctly. Use A_ActiveSound(ASP_CHASE) A_Chase("*","*",CHF_NOPLAYACTIVE).
  • Added meleerange property.
  • Added minmissilechance property.
  • Added ALWAYSFAST flag since Wolfenstein monsters resemble fast monsters in Doom.
  • Added RandomSpawner class.
  • Added messagecolors, messagefontcolor, and menuwindowcolors to MAPINFO.
  • Added flat and finaleflat support for art screen backgrounds.
  • Added entertext, entertextislump, and extertextismessage.
  • Notify the user if there are any undefined, but referenced actor types.
  • Notify the user if a map is in an unknown format.
  • Removed flags from DECORATE that shouldn't be set by the user.
  • Removed missilechance (use missilefrequency with a conversion rate of 0.005).

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