Need help getting Macintosh mods to work on ECwolf.

Advanced Wolfenstein 3D source port based upon Wolf4SDL and ZDoom.
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Need help getting Macintosh mods to work on ECwolf.

Post by undeadmerc3 » Wed Jan 27, 2016 1:15

A lot of you guys may not have known this, but there actually were a lot of Wolfenstein mods that were only released for the Macintosh. Sadly, with the exception of Astrostein, none of them have ever been ported to the PC

That being said, I've been able install Stuffit to open the sit files that Macintosh mods come in. While there's the Macintosh emulators which is pretty much the only way to play a Macintosh game on the PC, they are very hard to set up when compared with other emulation software. As a result i've heard that with some tweaking ECwolf is capible of running Macintosh mods.

To get Macintosh mods to work you'll need a Second Encounter copy and must MacBinary the original executable file and the scenario file for Second Encounter (should be a file that says "Second Encounter - 30 Levels) [that will give them the extension .bin]. Then, rename the binary "wolf3d.bin" and the scenario file "wolflvls.bin" and drop them into your ECWolf data folder (wherever you put your game files, i.e., VSWAP.WL6).

Only one problem that I have. I can't seem to find a copy of the Macintosh version that's fully installed. I was able to find an abandonware site for Macintosh games, but the version they included doesn't contain the files I have to rename. Instead it includes the files:Checksum.md5, disk1.dsk, and disk2.dsk which I believe are the contents of the disks rather than an actual installed version. Now I know that the Wolfenstein 3D is copyright protected, but I still own a copy of the PC version(I can upload a photo if need be), and I have reason to believe that the Macintosh version of the game is no longer being sold by ID. As a result I don't think that i'm doing any damage to ID's profits since I really couldn't find any copies of the Macintosh version on ebay(I checked to see if ID's is profiting of the Mac version like they are with the PC version).

Any idea's?

PS:Sorry if I feel a bit greedy asking for advice like this. Try to keep the comments clean. Thanks.

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Re: Need help getting Macintosh mods to work on ECwolf.

Post by Blzut3 » Wed Jan 27, 2016 2:37

Unfortunately we can't help you with that question. We can only give you instructions here based on the assumption that you own a copy and thus can just insert the disc/disk into your computer.

Owning the PC version of Wolf3D doesn't imply ownership of the Mac version any more than it would the SNES, Jaguar, or 3DO ROMs. It is a bit unfortunate that the only way to legally acquire it these days is second hand, and while I see copies regularly it's not the cheapest game out there. It would be nice to see it sold again.

With that said there is a missing bit of information that you would need: Right now you need a shim file to fill in some data that the engine expects.

Some good news though is I'm sure someone will make an adapter to run Mac mods with the PC data. No technical reason it wouldn't be possible with ECWolf once everything is finalized.

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